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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Great review! Unlike many many others who would simply say "It's garbage" since the blend did not appeal to them you took the time to explain the ins & outs, whats-whys of your feeling on the blend.
    Thanks for taking the time to let the viewers know what to expect or what not to expect from a bag of this blend. You gave the curious viewer things to work with.

  2. Petersons Old Dublin is my all time favourite tobacco so I wondered how Wild Atlantic would compare. Well, a comparison would be unfair because WA is a much milder blend with none of the deeply sayisfying complexity of OD. Does that mean it is 2nd rate? No. It is a pleasant smoke probably designed for the newcomer to pipe smoking who doesn't want something too adventurous to begin with and for that person this would be an ideal starter.

    It is slightly reminiscent of Condor though less robust. There is that 'soapy' flavour in there but again not as pronounced as Condor. Dunhill 965, Mac Baren Vintage Syrian are my regular smokes together with Old Dublin so would I buy this again? Can't yet say until I have smoked the whole packet… probably would just for a change of pace.

  3. Perhaps an ideal baccy for the newbie who wants to transition from aromatics to English?

  4. Never tried any of those Peterson blends, solid review though. Take care Rene.Wayne

  5. I tend not to get on well with Peterson blends.

  6. Great review brother, take it easy!

  7. I have yet to try a Peterson blend that I enjoy. Haven't tried old Dublin though. Be blessed brother.

  8. Thanks for reviewing this, not many videos on this tobacco.

  9. Timely review; I just got mine in today and jarred it up. It smells really good, but I haven't smoked it yet.

  10. I really love this stuff in name and execution, but it burns HOT AS HELL as the bowl progresses for me. Really nice flavor with a bit too much sweet. Had it today in my Peterson 107 and yet another burner.

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