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Peterson Old Dublin pipe tobacco presentation

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Presenting Peterson’s Old Dublin English blend.

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  1. @curiosidadesextrano Thank you very much for watching! Happy puffing!

  2. @DailyPuffer Hey Bruno, thank you for watching! I will agree with the
    cavendish, different tobaccos as a starting point, various processing
    methods, various pressing – if any – and cutting methods, it gets
    confusing. So far, I tend to conclude that un-topped cavendish is a waste
    of precious tobacco space in the tin, but I keep my mind open because you
    never know what could rock your boat. happy puffing my friend!

  3. i got my self a tin in the cellar aging…….going to give it a few more
    years of age before i try it my friend……..tons of info…..thanks…..

  4. Thanks for the review.

  5. Nice review. Thanks for sharing!

  6. @dunhillmanuk thank you for watching my friend. crack it open, it’s good
    stuff! happy puffing!

  7. Alex. Brilliant. Again. You have described perfectly why I – not a great
    fan of Latakia – will always have a tin of the Old Dublin (and Squadron
    Leader …tally ho, chaps!) for the late night English smoke. And smoked in
    a Peterson … it just seems … right! Steve

  8. @Flieger671 Thank you for watching Mike! I don’t know what to say on the
    discrepancy, perhaps they changed the oriental source at some point? who
    knows. happy puffing my friend!

  9. Yet another masterly Tobacco review. Colin.

  10. This stuff smells and tastes like BBQ or fried bacon. It may be beneficial
    for a low fat diet, but I wonder how you can smoke it in the morning…

  11. Very informative, I haven’t tried it yet, but sounds like its worth a try.

  12. Hi Alex. Old Dublin was the first latakia I ever smoked and loved it,
    although I never had it again… there’s something to fix. Cheers G.

  13. @Latakiajens hahaha, thanks Jens, NC just didn’t seem to work for me, what
    can you do. I like Early Morning Pipe much more than NC though. Enjoy the
    302 my friend, it’s a very good pipe!

  14. @smokeyjoetn Thanks for watching Joe. Happy puffing!

  15. Great review as always Alex

  16. Very good presentation on a (I think it’s fair to say) classic blend. I had
    not noticed the discrepancy between the tin text and the information on the
    website. Hmm… I wonder why it’s left that way. As always – thank you for
    a solid review Alex. – Mike

  17. @MrBlink182ishi Make sure you let us know what it’s like after ageing!
    thank you for watching my friend. happy puffing!

  18. @hampshirepipe Hello my friend, thanks for watching! Out of the English
    blends that I have tried, the sweeter ones were Squadron Leader, Red
    Rapparee and Cooper by Low Country that I am smoking right now. 3 Oaks
    Syrian was rather sweet as well and very mellow. Happy puffing!

  19. @MartyWeller Hey Marty, thanks for watching! I am smoking that Cooper that
    you sent me right now and I’m loving it! happy puffing!

  20. Hi,will you continue review Peterson pipe tobaccos?your reviews so
    usefull,so I want to know your thoughts about Peterson nutty cut or Irish
    Oak,so let me know if you are going to make some more reviews,maybe you ll
    give some ideas what i need to try), By the way I m from Russia))and your
    reviews are interesting up here)))

  21. @thepipelounge Thanks for that. I particularly value the reviews you do
    because I have found that your descriptions of blends I have already tried
    ‘chime’ with my own experience, although you express it better than I
    could. I think it is helpful as well sometimes to mention another tobacco
    to which a blend is similar. I have not tried the NC yet and given what I
    have said about the similarity of our tastes I am going to put off the
    experience…lol …..Heresy, I know ;-)) Thanks again.

  22. @TheEnglishmanSmokes Steve! Thanks for watching my friend. Glad you liked
    the video. Happy puffing!

  23. @SpainPipe It is a truly great blend, well, for me at least. Depending on
    which ingredients description we believe, it could contain Basma 😉
    personally I think it does. Thank you for watching Alan! happy puffing!

  24. Thanks for the review. I have a tin of OD waiting to be opened and your
    comments make me want to open it now…lol.. Just out of interest, at one
    point you describe it as a ”rather sweet English blend, although not the
    sweetest around’…just wondering which in your experience are the sweeter
    ones ?

  25. @SmokingDagners Thanks for watching Jay. It’s definitely worth at least a
    try if you like english blends. happy puffing!

  26. @LightYerPipe Hey Colin, thanks for watching my friend. You are too kind,
    lol. I am glad you liked the video. Happy puffing!

  27. This was the first English blend I tried which led me to my love of English
    and straight Virginias. It is stil one of my favourite blends to this day.
    I always believed it contained Basma leaf as well which is known to help
    with the sweetness, but could not detect any cavendish either. Great
    review. Alan

  28. Good review. I like this blend and I detect a complexity here, perhaps the
    cavendish process? Thanks for pointing out the difference in the

  29. Ah ah ah, wonderful detail. I don’t see what’s all the fuss with Nightcap
    as well, and I’ve smoked the Murrays version of it and it’s wasn’t exactly
    brilliant either. Old Dublin always seemed to be a much mellower but more
    intricate blend in my view so we agree in that. Cavendish is a truly
    complex tobacco group. The name itself can refer different types of tobacco
    leaf processing or even cutting. These ambiguous tin descriptions are very
    much worthless, you need to see for yourself. Cheers!

  30. @RequiemPipes Indeed there is! Thank you for watching Gustavo! happy
    puffing my friend

  31. @hampshirepipe lol, glad to be of assistance. I have noticed the same thing
    in taste similarities with other tobacco presenters, so I tend to follow
    some people’s advice more than others for that reason. It is a very inexact
    science as it is primarily based on personal taste and perception I
    suppose. Thank you for watching!

  32. @MrSmokeGuy Thank you for watching my friend. There are different things to
    discover in this blend, but I was impressed with the way that all elements
    bond with each other. Happy puffing!

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