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Permanent Match a Simple Refillable Flint Lighter a Survival Kit must

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  1. *In aussi accent* “Now that’s a” match

  2. I remember the permanent match in 1963.
    When did they first come out?

  3. what kind of wick do you use?

  4. Use regular zippo fluid. I wonder what gasoline would do? Ot carosine?

  5. Very cool, sub’d!

  6. Sorry forgot to say, you would never really need to change the wick in the
    wild, this is purley for extended use if you are using the Permanent Match
    for recreation. The lighter fluid should last a good few month on standy if
    the ‘O’ ring is good, I’m at 3 months and the fluid hasn’t gone down at all
    yet. The K1 will have a mini spare fuel canister, it will appear on the
    website very soon. Thank you.

  7. Bought one of these today. Should get it in a few days. Glad I found your
    video. Thanks for doing this.

  8. I have one of these and never knew how to replace the wick. Thanks for the

  9. I am having an empty container… suggest me the fuel to use…

  10. I guess it’s all a mater of how you do things with your own survival kit,
    the K1 has loads of fire lighting gadgets and tools including a magnesium
    rod and Nano Striker. Yes, a small PSK you would be best with a magnesium
    rod and flint, pure survival that’s quite right. With me I like the option
    of a flame, so it’s a choice between 70 matches or a lighter, purley for
    space I choose the lighter. In the final K1 inventory I choose the Peanut
    Lighter because of the super simple spark wheel.

  11. I have a cylinder permanent match and I can’t figure out how to make the
    wick longer because its getting to short now, and just wondering if you
    knew anything about them?

  12. The only way to replace the flint on any perma-match on the market is
    breaking off the old one, they all glue the ferrocerium onto the outer
    casing (silly waste in my book). Perma-matches are treated as a throw away
    device, this is way you will pay a small amount for them in the first
    place. You can try to hot glue a new rod on to the side but this is
    difficult as the flint dose not take glue well. Hope this helps.

  13. Is there any way to replace the flints on these. I own a few P. matches,
    and this is a concern of mine. Thanks.

  14. Sorry for the delay, missed your question. There’s no reason you couldn’t
    stuff the wick down both sides of the separator, the only thing it might
    not be quite as secure and there is a chance the wick could be lost if
    snagged. Hope this helps you, Thank you, have a good day

  15. @SurvivalKingK1 Thanks for replying. I honestly wasnt expecting a reply,
    considering this video is almost 2 years old, so your reply is greatly

  16. @YouSharky4687 Hia, I think most of the good pure lighter fluids will
    derive from petroleum so they fall under naphtha. I don’t know of any
    permanent match designs that use liquid butane, only lighters such as the
    Turbo wind proof lighters and these require pure butane not the type of
    would normally put in your lighter, look for gas soldering iron butane.
    Thanks for the question

  17. The best wick material is glass fibre wick or thin silica rope. You want
    something that is not going to burn to easily. Candle wick is OK.

  18. @brwitte1 No problem, thanks for looking. A bit of a fiddle but easy once
    you know how. Thanks

  19. @benny8025 These wicks are just plain old 3mm candle wicks. If you Google
    or Ebay ‘Candle Making Wick’ you will find a company that can supply plain
    wicks. I say plain because you don’t want pre waxed wicks. Many people
    think you can just use string but this is not the case as proper wick
    braided material is designed to use capillary action to draw the liquid to
    the tip as quick as it burns hence the wick itelf will not burn.

  20. Lighter fluid is your best bet, any of the leading brands will work, Zippo
    do a nice pure one the same as Swan (which I use in the video). These can
    also take other flammable liquids like petrol but this has a very sooty
    burn. Hope this helps

  21. @Omarspartan209 Your right there is a nack to using the match but it’s a
    rough old flame that gets things done fast and takes most fuels and oils if
    your stuck in the wild. If you don’t mind the heft of a petrol lighter then
    it’s a good bet to go for rather than the match but the K1 is a bit tight
    for space. Thanks for your interest.

  22. @drgnforce44ever Sorry late with the reply, didn’t see it for some reason.
    Well, these little things are so cheap to buy you are better off getting
    another one when the firesteel dies. In my kit I always have a couple of
    mini firesteel blanks anyway so you are never without a strike. Hope this
    helps, happy surviving

  23. @theowldrinksambrosia Hi, yes meths would work , whisky, gin, ha take your
    pick. I would say that any spirit would work and most fast burning oils
    would get a light eventually. Saying this you want something that will
    ignite with a spark and it’s amazing how many flammable liquids don’t take
    sparks very well. Thanks for question

  24. I would really love to have one….. too bad you can’t buy these from

  25. thanks a lot… i just want to know the actual fluid they are providing…

  26. Do they sell replacement flints for theese? How long does one usually last?

  27. I would buy one, but this takes too many steps to light(im just buying a

  28. As Zippo does not produce these, someone out there is creating these but I
    cannot find this exact one, only the made in China ones without the fake
    zippo name on the side. Where do you buy this version from with the fake
    zippo on the side ?

  29. so is that made by Zippo?

  30. Hi, any good quality lighter fluid will do the trick, it’s not like turbo
    lighters where you need super pure stuff. Better the fuel the better the
    flame realy with any wick based lighter but if push came to shove in the
    wild any liquid that will light could be used. The Permanent Match come
    from many different manufactures but they all have the same basic design.
    Hope this helps.

  31. Where did you find a Zippo brand match? I could only find off brands.

  32. @hypothesies1 No problem, thanks for dropping by and having a look. Haven’t
    been able to add videos for all the K1 inventory yet but when I get a bit
    of time back I’ll be adding much more video and photo content here and on
    the website. Looking forward to it. Have a good day.

  33. Awesome Video man! Everyone should buy one these. I have two of these in my
    BOB. I keep them with my Primus Omnifuel stove. I figure I can fill the
    Permanent Match with white Gas, same as the stove, or gasoline if needed.
    If in a survival situation, whatever burns in my stove should be fine in
    the lighter. The stove has no way of lighting itself. I would say some
    durable things, including stoves and lighters, will require maintenance.
    Survival is being prepared, and some tools are necessary.

  34. Can you use any kind of lighter fluid… or does it have to be ZIPPO
    lighter fluid?

  35. can we use any string for the wick??

  36. @lkpcs The flints on the permanent match are glued into place, it’s are
    just little ferrocerium flint, easy to buy a replacement but to be honest
    it’s just as cheap to buy another permanent match.

  37. @hypothesies1 Hi thanks for messaging, the wick material used in the
    permanent match is just a dry candle string, nothing special, you can use a
    couple of braids from a larger wick if you have one. Hope this helps.

  38. Hia, Wicks for these lighters are thin so I use un-waxed candle wicks that
    you can buy from Hobby shops. Your better taking the wick with you to get
    the right diameter don’t rely on the sizes on the pack. Thanks, hope this

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