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Perla Del Mar Cigar Review (Redux) | LeeMack912 Episode

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wWith its Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers, Perla Del Mar Received a 90 rating. LeeMack912 reviews this cigar a 2nd time to see what he thinks.

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Perla del Mar, originally a Cuban brand, literally means “Pearl of the Sea.” Legend has it that some of the earliest explorers who hit the shores of Cuba discovered a golden leaf, which they immediately named Perla del Mar. This historic brand is being reintroduced by J.C. Newman, the very same boutique factory that gave us premium blends like Brick House and El Baton.

Perla del Mar is a box-pressed Nicaraguan handmade. Dressed in a silky Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, it offers smooth sailing from the very first glance. Inside, a blend of all Nicaraguan long-fillers from three distinct growing regions merge in perfect harmony. Flavors are smooth and creamy, and they do wonders to please the palate from start to finish.

Perla del Mar received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: “Sweet woody notes, toast and hints of graham cracker make for a tasty smoke. The draw on this short, thick cigar is open and full, delivering substantial amounts of smoke.”

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  1. You reviewed this cigar about a year ago and you had lots of positive comments to make about it back then

  2. Once again you have saved me a sawbuck on a bad smoke. You and your family are the best.

  3. Omg…I actually like the Perla Del Mar….light yes, but I still like them and have a maduro and Connecticut I the Humi….try the maduro and hopefully your opinion will change.

  4. I rarely smoke thru a bad cigar…why prolong the agony? But Hey, make Perla Del Mar Cigars great again! 😉 ha cheers 🥂

  5. Hey Leander, I think you need to give that train driver a good cigar , wish him a great day and let him know his horn blasts are going out to your 6000 family members 🚂

  6. I’ve had a couple of these, mainly the Maduro ones and enjoyed it. Had them with some coffee. But the straight Connecticut was ok, I thought it was an average stick. Thanks for the review.

  7. The teacher Mr Mack!!! I really like Perla Del Mar only in the 3.4” x 52 it’s a decent smoke. Congrats on the milestone.

  8. I have had 2 or 3 Perla Del Mar cigars. I have enjoyed them, but it has been a few years since I had one.. Always good to see a new vid from you brother.

  9. What's going on Lee da mack! I'm having a great day! I'm currently smoking an AJ Enclave and sipping some aged rum before doing some shopping with the Mrs. 💨💨💨💨

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