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Partagas Serie P No. 2, playing

Posted by in Cigar Review

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I made those two and cannot decide which is best.


  1. kinda late to comment, but this vid is hott

  2. I think you should delete all of the stupid homophobic comments, although
    it’s nice you oppose them with dignity. Leather&cigar videos are not
    something new or alien to youtube and people who have no interest in this
    should shut up and watch something else. The only remark, maybe the word
    “leather” in the header of this clip would be handy:D Otherwise, keep
    smoking and posting 🙂

  3. maybe is quake 3 arena Character?xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    JAJAJAJAJ no subas estos por favor.xD you tube cada vez tiene mas mierda

  4. Your words qualify you better than anything I could say.

  5. I haven’t seen any here in France… You want to send me any? 😀

  6. Very sexy if u ask me , hot vid

  7. Thanks for spending time on me, I’m so much worth it.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to comment, even if my video is stupid…
    This was an IQ test, and you failed, my pet Halibut made it.

  9. Thank you, I love your pics and videos too, girl. — Love

  10. what the fuck is this homophobic shit? are you a homophobic or something?
    Pathetic! Check Wikipedia, and you’ll learn about yourself!

  11. Je t’aime toi !

  12. Your comment would be rejected as weasel term on wikipedia.

  13. damn man! i’d love to be there worshiping ur hot body and licking ur
    leathers…so hot..

  14. Well I was looking for PSP2 reviews and saw this. Not quite what I was
    expecting but some of these other comments are grim. If you don’t like it
    guys, you don’t need to watch it, let alone comment. Enjoy the PSP2 man,
    it’s a top cigar.

  15. good good.. we want to see you with Partagas Salamones.

  16. that is not how i like to enjoy a good habano… but to each his own.

  17. At least I show my face, thanks for the compliment.

  18. Men in Leather ,Smoking cigars are Hot!

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  20. what a stupid video! Complete pointless waste of time watching this rubbish

  21. rofl you sick need a new face you filth.

  22. this is the worst cigar vid i’ve ever seen!

  23. you are so utterly disgusting…

  24. what the fuck is this shit FAG vid , what the fuck are you a FAG or

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    someblunts then next thing i knew i was reading about the gay community.
    well atleast i leared something new that theres a fucking gay cigar
    community when faggets post thes levesdeepthraoting a cigar thinking it
    looks hot. i got news for u gays ur fucking gay. go be gay somewhere on
    your own and dont post fag vids i have notin against the str8 gays

  26. Nice tits, fagget. Go choke on your cigar, you whore. FUCK OFF

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