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Partagas Serie P No.2 Cuban Cigar

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Alex from showcases a box of 10 Partagas Serie P No. 2 Cuban Cigar.



  1. i have a box of these, 10 box same date partagas factory from 06 and it
    didnt have bubble wrap? thats interseting?

  2. had 1 0f these today great with age helps the cedary flavour they have when
    young mellow down into a nice honey toasted woody flavour….

  3. @MrMotorhead5 I don’t really believe they are. I mean cuban Cohiba and
    Montecristo are the most counterfited cigars in the world. As for my self i
    have bought a couple of cuban monte # 2’s and a box of cuban bolivar
    belicosos and the label was the same on the Bolivars and you cannot find
    those everywhere. Just saying. Absolutely nothing meant by this statement.

  4. id be pissed about the bubble wrap, and them opening my box

  5. i have a box of 10 arriving in a week, cant wait!

  6. I do plan to visit Canada someday

  7. im going to buy two boxes of 10 of these cigars so ill have 20 to smoke , i
    pay about $290 a box of 10 australian for these , the box of 25 cost about
    $735 , i cant wait to get my order on these

  8. Fakes. Habanos label in right corner has thin lines missing. Cuban label is
    way to far to the left. Bubble wrap. No way. Huge veins on most of the
    sticks? Cuban standards would never allow these to go to market.

  9. I prefer to have my cigars shipped “sealed”. Your dealler may have given
    you that ripped cigar because they would never be able to sell it as a
    single in their store, taking out the good ones from your box and swapping
    them with the less prettier ones in their loose cigars for sale in their
    shop. My dealer allows for return of product if I’m not happy. Better to
    bubble wrap the box than remove the cigars and then “jam” them back in with
    bubble wrap.

  10. i also see in a lot of your vids, the cigars you smoke tend to be a
    partagas factory code, with the bolivars, ramon allones partagas ect. is
    this something you look for or just a coincidence.

  11. Someone removed all the cigars, and ADDED in the bubble wrap for
    shipping….NOT A GOOD IDEA. These cigars are designed to fit perfectly as
    is. You can see the lousy shape these cigar are in now….I see terrible
    LIONES/VEINS popping from three of the cigars and one BUSTED open. TOO Much
    pressure was FORCED upon the cigars by ADDING the WRAP. BAD IDEA.

  12. Store I buy it from puts in the bubble wrap so while shipping cigars are

  13. Good construction? those look fake nigga

  14. @segalandcigars my thoughts exactly, those cigars dont budge when they are
    packed, Cubans know how to make them and they do it with precision, I would
    stop buying from someone that opened the box, and would want a refund for
    that bubble wrap that taste had to have entered those sticks, they looked
    very veiny and never should that wrapper be coming undone, ive smoked 17+
    boxes never once saw this

  15. Thanks for intellegent review: it made my mouth water.Think I go to my
    humidor and have one of these soon!

  16. @thereddog223 move to canada

  17. fuckin a rights. it better be sealed. they definitely swapped good habanos
    for some jacked ones.

  18. how bout smoking one and telling us how it is???

  19. @vova47 i want to go to your humidor too and bang you

  20. Are these stronger than the Serie D. No 4?

  21. i just bought one for 32 dollars 🙂 Nice rich mildish taste, good smell,

  22. good cigars,where you take them?

  23. Not fair Americans cant buy em

  24. My favourite cigar,’mrcohibaboy’ do you Canadians face the same problem
    with customs as we do in Australia ? it sucks balls, is there any way to
    get around it like saying their a gift or something ?

  25. yes it’s good idea especially for cabinets

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