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Partagas Serie D No4 Aged Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Following up on the heels of the aged Cohiba Siglo 2 review reivew the Partagas SD4. Whats starts as a normal reviews turns into one…


  1. Brfought two of these to my m8’s house last night. Started off very well
    but due to me not taking my hayfever tablets(DOH) my nose blocked up with
    about half the cigar to go. Up to then it was a very good cigar. Going to
    have to buy some more to lay and rest in my humidor during the winter for
    next year.

  2. Just enjoyed one of these sitting in the garden on one of those rare May
    evenings in England where you don’t need a jacket. You’re right fellas-a
    glorious cigar. Cheers for what you do. Need to find a like minded cigar
    club over here!

  3. Great review guys. I’m continually impressed with the redneck accent, keep
    practicing as it’s almost there.

  4. fuck guys that review sounded so good i might just go and by me a box for
    christmas and new years 2010

  5. Achy Breaky Heart? goodness why? you guys need to moderate kens music
    choices lol.

  6. It’s an amazing cigar I got one as a gift in the us and I made it last for
    2 hours it’s the perfect cigar

  7. @FriendsofHabanos Sometimes…..You just gotta!

  8. I think these and Trinidad T are the best robustos ever made.

  9. great review 5/5. Does anybody know the name of the song played at the
    beginning from 0:00 to 0:30 ?

  10. The cigar, style, and box codes are always at the begining of the reviews,
    This is a SEU NOV 04

  11. lol i posted that comment before i saw the outtakes, im glad i want alone
    on that one smiths reaction was the same as mine wtf?

  12. @FriendsofHabanos Excellent choice in music! Alex Lloyd is a brilliant
    artist! Love all his albums! Support the Aussies!!

  13. 2:08 soft and sexy LOL

  14. Thi

  15. Tricolor, I highly doubt you are the only person in the bay area that has

  16. guys the 2009 is smoking unbelievably well too… i just enjoyed one and i
    nearly burned my fingers. it was that good.

  17. My Way Home by Alex Lloyd from Black the Sun

  18. Look how happy Ken is with that cigar, he looks like a 13 year old kid whos
    just found the porn chanel.

  19. does rob fully inhale all his cigars?? at 1:08 he really inhales that

  20. This one gets better and better with time.

  21. I too was smoking this stick while watching, great review as well boys. The
    #4 is now my new favorite Robusto! I tasted pie crust and macadamia nuts at
    the third!! smooth, well balanced, and you’re right SEXY! Even at the end
    there wasn’t hot or bitter or over baring! Fact it got better!! I didn’t
    want it to end! I’m off now to buy me the biggest box they’ve got! 96%

  22. smoking one as I watch this, I agree, sexy and glorious!!!! Cheers!

  23. Have you guys revisited this cigar recently?

  24. One of my fave cigars!!

  25. lol i did get my box of 25 and i loved them so much i got another box so
    now ive got two boxes to enjoy and hell i have one a day upto 2 a day its
    just a shame its too short though , this cigar is simply superb

  26. I just went to Cuba and brought back a box of Partagas Serie D No 4 into
    California. I’m the only one in the Bay Area that has these Cigars and I’m
    proud to say it lol.

  27. love your clips lads, quick question ordering of the net, particularly from
    sites based in Switzerland and their ‘tax exempt’ prices are these genuine
    ?? as i just ordered a box of PSD4 recently.

  28. @PSDnumber4 he’s a tough man who smokes to the beat of his own drum

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