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Partagas Naturales Cigar Review by SmokingCigarGirl

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Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP Great draw with earthy and leathery notes. Nice, steady increase in the spiciness through the end of the cigar…

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  1. Nice review!I have had these before and they are good.But not incredible or

  2. Hey excellent vblog, A friend and I, we are starting a cigar lounge. Can
    you tell me what you think about the Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 (Torpedo).
    So far this is one of my favs, and I would like to know what you think or
    if you would recommend it.

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  4. have you tried tatuaja havana 6 its a pete johnson cigar

  5. cigar reviews should be categorized into 2 groups: awesome – a must smoke
    or fuck no – don’t buy this shit it taste like donkey dick all the other
    adjectives dont mean shit. its either its good or its not and leave it

  6. Hey Nada, great review!

  7. Partagas Rosado is better in my opinion!!!

  8. OMG !!! beautiful lady

  9. great review, I think I have a few of these in my humidor. I’ll have to
    pull one out.

  10. I love your videos! The only thing that would maybe add to this would be if
    you talked all the way through smoking the cigar, like about you and what’s
    happening in your life, or stories or something about cigars you’ve had, so
    that you not only review it the cigar in hand, but your viewers get to know
    about you too!

  11. A Like and a Favourite for this video. As always. Many thanks for enabling
    votes 🙂

  12. Wonderfully reviewed .. nice to see you back! ☺

  13. 0 times watched? i’m wathcing? 😀 nice vid.

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