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Partagas Black Label Bravo Cigar Review by SmokingCigarGirl

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  1. Great review, most all of the tasting notes you gathered I shared. I do
    feel that the first 1/3 and midway through the second third was where it
    was strongest. I am sipping a dram of Thomas H Handy Rye(one of my fav.
    whiskies) and it pairs perfectly bc they are both bold, spicy and has a
    touch of sweetness. Great review! I’m just starting to get into cigars and
    collection them…I look forward to watching more of your reviews!

    beverage. If possible, I wouldn’t mind you listing the names of the rec
    beverages in videos. 🙂

  3. I don’t even smoke but I love your reviews. Should I start? It looks so

  4. One of my favourites!!! Love it with a really dark and strong Sumatra roast

  5. Nice review and the birds worked with you nicely on this one. Might have to
    give this one a try with the coffee flavors and even the liquorish. Not big
    on liquorish but have smoked some pipe tobacco that smells and taste like
    the stuff and it was pretty good! So, I might have to give this one a try.
    Cheers, Francis

  6. So people basically smoke cigars for taste??

  7. @TiranosaurusRex2010 Not sure, didn’t realize there was a parrot in the
    background. 🙂

  8. great review again,thanks you

  9. Man, I need to find a girl who smoke cigars….

  10. great review again,thanks you have tried a padron 1964?

  11. Thanks for the great review …. will add a couple to my humidor!☺

  12. It’s a Northern Cardinal

  13. @manueldsalinas2147 Not sure what you mean, I lit it like I have done with
    other cigars.

  14. What do think about pairing it with coffee? Would coffee still be a little
    over-powering, or no?

  15. @TheEDCchannel Yeah,she’s very nice and her knowledge and clearness during
    her review makes you want to start smoking cigars for real.She’s

  16. Great review Nadda, Iv always wanted to try one, looks good.

  17. Very stylish. You’ll look great with a Partagas 1845 Robust with a snifter
    of HennessyXO brandy

  18. I’ll have to try that out. Thanks for the review.

  19. Just had a Partagas Black Label Bravo the other night on the recommendation
    of my local B&M. Was very pleased with it and Nada’s review was right on
    target with what I tasted. Although I might recommend an espresso w/black
    sambuca or a nice Pinot Noir with it (I had the Pinot)

  20. interesting! when i had this cigar i got mostly a black pepper taste, very
    strong bold spice flavors. interesting to hear a differing opinion.

  21. What kind of parrot is that in the background ?

  22. Thank you very much for taking my request..!! I am glad to see that you
    seem to have enjoyed Partagas Black label.

  23. @BEDDU71 I have smoked this line, and enjoyed it very much especially the

  24. Try the Partagas Rosado!

  25. Looks like a great smoke…I enjoy that label as well as the dark wrapper.
    Long Ashes!

  26. you look you could roll the cigars you smoke 🙂

  27. Right woman..right cigar 🙂

  28. Out of curiosity, why didnt you toast the foot of this cigar like you do
    all the others?

  29. As always love your reviews!!!!!!!!!!I will try this one!

  30. Great review thanks i will try it out : )

  31. @smokingcigargirl mean to char the foot of the cigar without the flame

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