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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Partagas Benji Master Series Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Partagas Benji Master Series Cigar Review This 5.5×50 stick features a dark brown butter soft and oily wrapper with an even firm pack, small veins, tight sea…

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  1. @SledgeHammer115 Nothing to do with one another 🙂 Both are good!

  2. I’d love. To see a humidor tour

  3. his lighter is fine. it’s not like he is using a zippo.

  4. no gay porn with this video in the featured videos thats a load off my mind.

  5. Out of intrest I would like to get a review of a “bad” cigar, kind of
    giveing people two sides of the scale. Wonderful video none the less.

  6. You ever light a cigar with one of those tiki torches?

  7. @cigarobsession don’t think of it as a tour just show us your collection i
    would appreciate a look..

  8. @Orbisman Oh it’s not all of a sudden, I get asked it constantly! Yes I am
    fortunate enough to have so many people interested in sending in
    submissions, they like to see my take on their favorite smokes! Yeah those
    lanceros are awesome, I still have some!

  9. @PhillyFail i dont even no what i wrote i ought to delte it!

  10. ahh partagas i must say its my favourite of all cuban brands i’ve never
    tried any of these none cuban variations we can’t get them here in england..

  11. Your voice is so calming. 😛

  12. @PhillyFail on the video he made before this one. in the featured videos
    was gay porn… or a guy shirtless smoking a cigar showing his feet…

  13. @Stingernukegod Hm… I’m just curious and I slightly miss understood your
    comment. What do you mean?

  14. @0000UnDead0000 Fortunately bad cigars are few and far between these days.
    BUT I have had my share. Checkout the Football Cigar for a famously bad one

  15. No, I’m not.

  16. @SledgeHammer115 sorry.

  17. IT WOULD BE COOL IF YOU COULD DO A HUMIDOR TOUR. I know other comments
    wanted it so I think it would be interesting where you keep all these great

  18. @WILLYUM55 As stated many times before I just think they are bragging, I’m
    not interested in them.

  19. @instructorarmijo Xikar – see my reviews of the line

  20. @cigarobsession Thank you, i will check that video out.

  21. Why all this sudden interest in your humidor when most of your reviews are
    from cigars given to you? I think you scored with that San Cristobal
    lancero box though. 🙂

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