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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Part 4 B

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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The last of my Montegue Cabinet Humidor. Once again I appologize for the quality. My filming skill will only get better with time. Thanks for watching.


  1. loved all the cigar collection videos! I hope for our sake that the NHL
    lockout ends pretty soon as i see the Canadiens jersey in your picture!
    (I’m a Rangers&Wings fan from England) <-- nice mix right? Id love to see more videos once you gain additional new cigars! many thanks

  2. I’ve been collecting for about 8 years but started to get more serious a
    couple years ago. I started with just one humidor and as the collection
    grew I would improvise until I would find a humidor I liked. I will
    continue to post new purchases/ acquisitions. Thanks for watching. Smoke on

  3. How long have you been collecting cigars? You have one of the biggest
    collections ive seen, Cheers

  4. I’m surprised that you don’t have any cohiba’s, why is that ?

  5. Actually in my Vid 4A at 42 you’ll notice a Behike 52 and Exquisitos and in
    Vid 3 at 48 there are some Esplendidos. I skipped over them. I do like
    Cohiba’s however, a box of Siglo II costs close to double what a box of
    Monte 4’s costs. I personally do not find Cohiba’s twice the smoke.
    Occasionally, I find they are a tad milder than I like. That being said,
    they are a great cigar and I do need to order some more. Thanks for
    watching. Cheers

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