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Palm King Wraps review by GreenBox Grown | Bonus Laser Lighter review

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What’s up cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown.  Today I’m very excited cuz I received some goodies in the mail today, One of which are the King Palm Pre roll wraps. And I have two of these electrical rechargeable lighters, so I may be rolling one of these up and showing you how to pack this properly. And then I’m going to use my electric lighter to light it. Now I’d like to mention you can find both of these products listed on the green box grown smoke shop, and as always I want to remind you guys to check out our Merch under the merch and smoke section on  

Also don’t forget to check out the link Down Below in the description to visit our Patreon page, where you can sign up for one-on-one grow guidance from myself where I’ll teach you how to grow the best plants possible at home each day. Alright guys, I have my baggie of weed and now it’s time to roll up this king Palm and get this video started!

Okay so I actually got both the slim rules as well as the many roles. I’ll be rolling up the mini today and that holds about .6 grams and the Slims hold 1 gram each. These are pretty cool for those of you who haven’t heard of King Palm before, they are Palm leaves that are already pre rolled into a joint. They come with this corn husk crutch here’s the leave, it comes with this Packer so that you can properly pack it and then you’ll see the black band around the bottom. That is to show you or signify where the weed in so you don’t burn the crush and smoke it.

So these are really cool I really like them because of how slow they burn and they are tobacco-free but they do a blunt. A blunt wrap that is. And they do come with some instructions on how to pack it but it’s really easy just pack it really tight and that’s how you get it to burn really slow. If you leave  gaps or little air pockets, it’s going to cause it to canoe and burn unevenly.

All right all right so now that I showed you guys that I’m going to bust out these lighters, and again I got two for twenty bucks and their gold so they’re sick. Obviously not real gold but they come with the USB recharger or charging cable. They each have their own little design here’s one of them, pretty slick and it’s got the button on there, kind of hard to smoke a bowl with these cuz you can’t get close enough but for letting joints and stuff like that it’s perfect. I don’t know if you guys can hear that but it’s kind of, here let me put the mic up by it. It’s kind of scary it sounds like an electric current or something.

All right all right so now I’m going to grind up my weed and then pack up, this pre-roll, and again all you do is scooping a little weed at a time and then after a little portion you really pack it in with this. All right now let me get that packed and I’ll show you what it looks like. All right so I’m just packing that up right now and really by the way when using this stick you want to Talk with this and not this end. And when you’re at the bottom you want to pack as tightly as possible and when you get to the top that’s when you want to pack a little looser.

It’s harder to try and sprinkle the weed in to the top I like kind of just shoveling it into the grinder like that and then just packing it down. So usually it takes me a couple minutes to do this but definitely worth it definitely an experience. Yeah really packed out down there and you can put your finger out the end so the corn husk crutch doesn’t pop out.  All right just finished packing this baby up and now I’m going to head outside and light her up with my re-chargeable lighter.

Happy Growing!!!

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  1. He's only in it for the money, I just unsubscribed.

  2. That’s cool 😎 nice backyard!!! 👽👀👽

  3. Great video as always just about every other growers are only interested in showing off instead of actually helping new comers. That's the only reason I subscribed to yours. If I need to know a perticular we'll question, I just scroll down your videos and there's the information that I need. So again keep doing what it is you're doing and I'll never need to ask anyone anything. AUSTRALIA IS WATCHING.

  4. Nice about to check them out

  5. Didn't know about these! Will definitely have to order a pk! Thanks for sharing!

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