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Padron Series Churchill Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Padron Series Churchill Cigar Review This 6 7/8×46 stick features a dark brown, lumpy and fragile wrapper with a few small veins, tight invisible seams, roug…


  1. The 2k is my regular,everyday stick now.Great flavours,wonderful caramel
    sweetness on the draw and moving from spicy through nutty flavours.I’m in
    The UK and as such am lucky enough to have easy access to Cuban cigars.The
    more I smoke though the more I’m moving away from and becoming
    disillusioned with Cubans.Don’t get me wrong,when they’re right they’re
    GREAT! But the the consistency is appalling and getting worse.I know that
    we’re dealing here with handmade,organic products and one must expect a
    certain degree of inconsistency.But increasingly I’m moving toward cigars
    like Padron especially and other Nicaraguan sticks that I know are going to
    give me great flavour at a decent cost and with a pretty much guaranteed
    90% overall high quality rate.The Cuban cigar snobs would shoot me down of
    course but personally I’m pretty tired of paying big $$$ to play that

  2. like your vids too

  3. i smoked my forst padrón the other day. it was a padrón 3000 and it tasted
    soooo nice:D

  4. Hey Brian. I always enjoy your videos, although our palates arn’t always in
    sync. That is the beauty of the human body: we are all just a bit
    different. I was wondering if you would be willing to put the company”s
    MSRP for each cigar you review, maybe just in the description.

  5. I always enjoy your rants. Gotta love marketing geniuses!

  6. …the Family Reserve line has leaf that is bale aged for 10 years.
    Whatever the time it sure tastes great

  7. He makes alot of cigar companies a good extra chunk of money. They cigar
    distributors send him cigars and people go to that website and buy the

  8. Great comment! That is why I love Diesel because not only do they have a
    single band, one color wrapper but it is quite enjoyable to smoke.

  9. True enough on the bands. Aimed at clueless people attracted to shiny

  10. While I understand the truth behind your rant, the reason why people buy
    cigars based on the band is simple and understandable: Many cigars that are
    smoked in the US are smoked by in experienced smokers on rare occasions or
    bought as gifts.When some guy walks into a store and is looking for a cigar
    for a friend or special event, they are looking for something to inform
    them of what cigars are good. Not knowing any better, they expect the band
    (and price) to reflect the quality.

  11. Just FYI Bryan fermentation is done for a finite amount of time for any
    tobacco based on the thickness of the leaf, usually not more than 18 months
    or so and much less for lower primings. After fermentation but before
    rolling (generally opposite in Cuba), the fermented tobacco is bale aged
    for up to ten years or more. Not in a fermentation environment though. From
    memory the oldest leaf in the regular Padron series is 2.5 years, 4 for the
    64s and 5 for the 26s. That’s bail age time. They claim

  12. very good informative review, always loved all of the anniversaries, little
    hesitant on buying there 1000’s series though. i may have to give them a
    try now…thanx

  13. The good cigar companies don’t have to over market because they have the
    reputation and just put quality in to the price of their cigar

  14. Really, really good reviews! I just subscribed for sure and you should
    review some other products some time.

  15. maybe the other manufacturers are following the success of Acid in the
    fancy bands. I would say they are effective in driving sales like all

  16. Best cigar for a beginner smoker?

  17. lol 3 years ago the fence was already lacking in the paint department.. so
    don’t hold your breath! I’m grateful that we got an upgrade on the Tiki
    Torches at least..

  18. A lot of products are bought on looks instead of function. I totally agree
    if it looks good and tastes or performs like crap then it is crap. Wrap a
    turd in gold and someone with smoke it and keep smoking it thinking it is
    great. Nice review as always thanks again Bryan.

  19. Just ordered an entire box. Great review. You make Padron a lot of money.

  20. the band is EVERYTHING lol

  21. If it wasn’t for me coming across your videos a while back I probably
    would’ve started buying cigars based on how the band looked. Shiny things
    are attractive to most people! 🙂

  22. Brian I completely agree with your feelings regarding the excessively
    flamboyant cigar bands these days. I hate how some cigar companies seem to
    be trying to sell cigars by having a fancy band instead of just making a
    good quality cigar that smokes well. I have noticed many of my favorite
    cigar companies that have outstanding cigars also have relatively plain
    bands. If people want to pass up high quality cigars because of the band
    then that is their loss. More outstanding smokes for you and I.

  23. Go to your local BM and buy a $5 Hoyo de Monterray. I got some and they are
    not any crazy flavor shift but they have a nice smokey and spicy flavor.
    For $5 if your like spicy and peppery they are good.

  24. This is a great cigar. I have 5 of them. I had a 6000 about a week ago. Man
    it was good. Padron cigars are good. I am a fan. Great review buddy.

  25. Have you ever used the Shuriken cutter?

  26. Take the band off,enjoy the cigar,at least that’s i’m doing it!

  27. There are lots of good cigars out there, the good ones with simple brands
    already have a ton of recognition and have been around for decades. They
    don’t need to be eye catching. But if you are starting out you are gonna
    need to do everything you can to market yourself.

  28. Bryan I want to be just like you and light the cigar perfect every time! lol

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