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Padron Serie 1926 No 1 Maduro Cigar Review

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Padron Serie 1926 No 1 Maduro Cigar Review This 6.75×54 stick features a dark chocolate wrapper with a thick oily feel, firm pack, good bit of rough tooth, m…

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  1. My favorite cigar thus far and I have tried quite a few, before my favorite
    one was the perdomo nicaraguan cigar, before the casca colorado magna

    I have tried the lesser version of this cigar, the 1964 padon anniversary,
    good quality cigar but not as good as the one on this video.

    You guys ever tried inhaling the maduro version of cigars in general, good
    idea to try out for taste purposes.

    Both inhale and normal puff tasting is excellent, the cigar shown in this

    Excellent upload, A+, LOL.

  2. I have a theory as to why they use single caps.

    The are the only ultra premium cigar company that does it, so when Cigar
    Aficionado rates them, they see the single cap, know its a Padron, and end
    up biased towards them because of Padrons reputation.
    I bet a crappy cigar, that they thought was a Padron, would receive I
    higher rating than if they knew it was some $1 house blend.

  3. In my opinion, the best cigar in the world.

  4. As many people who become cigar smokers find out, you will need a bigger
    humidor than what you think (you’ll most likely collect more than you
    originally thought). In all honesty, I have a cheap humidor, and while it
    doesn’t hold humidity that well, with a good humidification device (boveda
    packs or humidity beads) just about anything will work. You could use a
    cooler with some cedar thrown in if you wanted to.

  5. If it’s cuban and he ain’t canadian he breaking the law..right on!

  6. Dark chocolate held on the tongue is the best thing I’ve found

  7. Love your vids man! You taking so much of your time making these – earns my
    respect, Bryan!

  8. The single caps on those are dumb indeed.

  9. Hey Bryan, i was wondering if you purge your cigars, i’m a noobie and mine
    went a little bitter towards the end of my smoke this evening. Any response
    would be helpful and thank you for spending your time making these awesome

  10. I bought a 1926 sampler and the no 1 was a truly good smoke. the best Ive
    ever had

  11. Hi Bryan. Do you have any cigar favourite(s)? For instance, I enjoy many
    beers for their own flavours and textures. But when I don’t get a chance to
    try something new, I’ll stick to 3 or 4 usuals.

  12. sounds like a great cigar.

  13. Thanks man – 22 lbs. as of today’s official weigh-in on HLO 🙂

  14. It helps to ease the nausea caused by too much nicotine.

  15. I generally enjoy the Padrons, and I often put a few in addition to an
    assortment pack so I have a standard to gauge them with. And since you
    uploaded this on my birthday, I’m determined to get a box of them.

  16. Well 🙂 This was a great way to end the night

  17. I was shocked when you said single cap, I can’t believe Pardon would do

  18. nice shirt sir!

  19. what kind does arnold schwarzenneger smoke??

  20. Really like the natural Padrons. Will have to think about this one before
    making the jump.

  21. So eating sugar helps with reducing the strength effects?

  22. just smoked one of these last weekend! beautiful cigar

  23. Just found this channel . I’m a die hard cigar smoker , & I just subscribed
    . Love the channel !!!

  24. I too question the single cap.

  25. Oh, and they have really fast burn times for that reason too. 1:20 for a
    big stick like like is pretty short

  26. Yes

  27. I have 2 questions. Im fairly new to cigars and im really getting into it.
    Smoke about 5-6 a week. My cigar shop guy says all the online humidors are
    china made and wont work in the long run. Is this true? Which humidor do
    you recommend for someone who wants a 100 cigar collection. I tend to like
    pretty expensive cigars like pardon, tatuaje, and some Cubans. so I don’t
    want my cigars getting ruined. Thanks for your time

  28. well seeing as how you can buy this cigar from the smoke inn in florida and
    he’s in florida smoking one and so am I, I would have to say it’s not from

  29. Bryan, just wanted to say I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now.
    Wanted to say that i had my first cigar today! (First time ever smoking) I
    really enjoyed it. Coughed couple times but but didn’t get sick 🙂

  30. hey bryan, had a quick question. I noticed some spots on the cigar at the
    beginning of the video. I have seen the same kind of spots on some of my
    cigars in my humidor. I was wondering if that was mold or would those spots
    change to mold as I did not see those some time ago. Thanks

  31. Didn’t know you were trying to lose weight. Congrats man, keep up the great
    work and love the videos!

  32. quick question bryan whats the sugar for

  33. I’m becoming a huge fan of you, great videos, great cigars, honestly the
    best channel of cigars reviews!

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