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Padron Family Reserve 85 Years Maduro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Padron Family Reserve 85 Years Maduro Cigar Review This 5.25×50 box pressed cigar features an almost black, thin fragile wrapper with a slight tooth, firm dr…

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  1. Just picked up one of these today, probably gonna save it for first day of
    golf or something ….but had to check out your review after buying. its
    cool that i can assume that you do have a review on it and you did thanks
    Bryan, your videos have helped me out alot, as a new cigar smoker after 2
    years without cigarettes its nice to smoke a cigar or two a week with my
    brother and nephew…your videos save me from sounding ignorant…thanks
    man you know your stuff 

  2. You can always count on a Padron to be a great smoking experience.

  3. +USPATRIOT96 Im aware, it was a joke. Have you seen the Emperador? Its a
    huge gimmick cigar

  4. Smoking a Padron is a celebration even on a regular Monday.

  5. High end Padrons woot woot

  6. This was one of the best cigars I have smoked, another favorite was the
    Cohiba siglo 5

  7. Kevin Walsh, that’s my cousin!

  8. I know what you mean about how the other fam reserves were more complex.
    That said, this is still a fantastic smoke. And it’s very oily. In fact, if
    you look at a maduro one of these in sunlight, you can see a sort of
    rainbow effect on the wrapper. Kind of like how you see a rainbow in an oil
    spot on pavement after it rains.

  9. Roach clip lol

  10. I’ll give you that of all the padrons the 64s are the most complex, but in
    general when I think of padron I never think of complexity. They are known
    really more for just great consistent flavor as opposed to a lot of changes
    and that is certainly how they are blended. Both 26s and 64s are in my
    daily rotation and I prefer 64 naturals and 26 maduros myself. The former
    is certainly more complex but again not in a huge way to me. They just
    taste great

  11. So glad to hear about the limited strength in this. I’ve been worried about
    lighting up the one in my humidor for fear of turning green. Can’t wait for
    the next special event!

  12. One of best cigar. It available in our humidor

  13. Hey Bryan! Random question I know; but have you ever tried to roll your own
    cigar just for fun? Cheers!

  14. Edmonton alberta

  15. cigar roach clip. million dollar idea!

  16. Which part of Canada?

  17. u should review the vice press from alec -Bradley.

  18. It was a joke. Look up what it is. Its the size of your arm

  19. And here I was just hankering for one of your reviews and you delivered!
    Great review as always, and thank you for being so consistent. You’re the
    best cigar reviewer out there!

  20. Do you have a favorite cigar?

  21. I’ve never met an anniversary Padron that I haven’t liked. They do seem to
    need a few months humidor time, though.

  22. Just smoked one, so good! Had a perfect burn on mine.

  23. Just picked up two of these, cant wait!

  24. Your next review: THOMPSON EMPERADOR

  25. How do you do your burn corrections?

  26. Love ur videos much love from Canada

  27. He doesn’t take requests. He literally has a years worth of review cigars

  28. How much do burn characteristics and other construction-related issues have
    to do with a single cigar as opposed to a whole line of cigars? Would the
    uneven burn you were having your cigar mean that other Padron Family
    Reserve 85’s would likely have that problem, or are those kinds of issues
    more related to each individual cigar due to shipping problems, or
    individual construction problems since I assume these are all hand-rolled
    and not perfectly consistent with each other.

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