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Padron Family Reserve 45 Years (Maduro)

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Jerry reviews the Padron Family Reserve 45 Years (Maduro).

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  1. Iowa State University

  2. awesome what college is that?

  3. If you ever decide otherwise….

  4. what the hell happened to your hand?

  5. Had the 1964 last night. Cannot believe how wonderful that was. Perfect til
    the last inch.

  6. wouldnt mind maing a blunt in that!

  7. @pocodog1 your wife or the cigars? lol

  8. Who needs cigar aficionado?

  9. after this video i want one now

  10. i heard he got it from wrestling alligators, and bitch slapping silver back
    gorillas……….. or he got it from helping a relitave move furniture,
    its one or the other 😉 bigaboyd

  11. wow great review man very imformative keep them up!

  12. his head is shaped like an egg….. i farted… it felt right.

  13. ive got one /:

  14. @victory01 I guess both for now.

  15. I got a box of natural and maduro for christmas from my wife. I think I
    will keep her.

  16. @pocodog1 Good deal…my Mrs. just bought a pair of Partagas 1845 Black
    Pyramids…I’m trying not smoke…I want them to age a little more. Life is
    good when you have a women that doesn’t try to change you…LOL.

  17. You are really cool. I love all the videos you have made with all brands of
    cigars!!! Thank you for sharing mate!!! Thanks lol

  18. @OrdinaryMoe True that.

  19. i like this guys reviews. would like to see him review some real cubans
    though. nice vids

  20. best cig reviewer

  21. Seems like he might have enjoyed it.

  22. another great review…found out yesterday that my school has the largest
    collegate cigar club in the nation, and first meeting is on tuesday im

  23. the man’s symptoms are called “cigar hypnotism” which there is no escape
    cure for EVER!!! lol and i fully support it !!!!! lol bwahahahaha!!! i
    can’t wait till i try that padron or the 26 sometime:) CHEERS!!!

  24. hi is the great cigar your smoking the same one called the ” PADRON FAMILY
    RESERVE #44 MADURO ” ? thanks

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