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Padron 7000 Natural Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Padron 7000 Natural Cigar Review This 6.25×60 stick features a dark brown oily satin wrapper with an even spongy pack, lumpy roll, single cap, minimal veins,…


  1. I had my first Padron last night!! I must say absolutely AMAZING!!! I had
    one out of the thousand series too. Very smooth, creamy and very nice
    coffee flavors!!!

  2. he seems a little stoned in the early part of this vid.

  3. The answer is several times, even on camera if you’ve seen all my Padron
    reviews 😉 The point is, there IS no shoulder – which would make it a
    double cap. And better. And I’m certainly not the only one that notices.

  4. Your the man boss! You know that Winston Churchill was known for letting
    the ash fall on LAP, it was SIGN to him that the cigar was ready to ash

  5. Does keeping the flame from touching the cigar only apply if using a torch

  6. what is the difference between a single cap and a double cap?

  7. 60 gauge is my absolute favorite gauge. I still haven’t had the pleasure of
    smoking a Padron, yet.

  8. I absolutely love the x000 series Padron. Never let down,

  9. A owner of one of my favorite shops on the coast gave me an E.P. INCH to
    try as a promotional about two months ago, that sucker is a 64 ring gauge
    its insane, I’m not even sure what to do with it

  10. Padron is one of my all-time favorite labels, next to Alec Bradley, PDR,
    and Arturo Fuente, and I’ve never had a bad one. I’d like to think that
    this Padron was just a bad one. But, I agree with Bryan; I’m not a big fan
    of 60 ring gauge or bigger cigars (though, I promise to try the Super
    Coloso Exactus from Tabacalara; I think that’s right up there with climbing
    a mountain, which I’ve done – Mt. Hood).

  11. I agree. Anything over 54 ring is fairly pointless. In my experience, 6×50
    toro is the sweet spot. There are exceptions, of course, but I’ve steadily
    and consistently found this to be true.

  12. Padron uses a “Flag cap”. It’s a different roll technique around the
    shoulder and head. Don’t confuse it with a “single cap”. It is a reliable
    method, and fairly difficult to do. Ask yourself this question, “How many
    times has a padron wrapper unraveled me?”. I’d venture to guess that the
    answer is “Never”. Great review!

  13. one cap?

  14. No both flames

  15. my ring gauge runs in the -/+ 50 ish.

  16. One bit of tobacco covering the end as opposed to two, or three in some
    cases…it’s scrap tobacco, costing the manufacturer nothing, adding to the
    mystery as to why an esteemed manufacturer like padron still does it.

  17. How do I send in a cigar for review?

  18. How do I send in a cigar for review?

  19. Tried a Padron recently. A 5×50 stick. Construction was kinda sloppy. To me
    it was a bit harsh with a hint of parking lot oil .

  20. I’m with you on those big ring gauges. Always construction problems and
    rarely a satisfying experience. Give me something between 48 and 52 any day,

  21. I agree, from corona to double corona, depending on the amount of time you
    have to enjoy a cigar. Anything wider feels like a waste of tobacco…

  22. Couldn’t agree more. My line is at 52 personally. And even that took some
    getting used to. Maybe I’m showing my age? lol. Honestly though these days
    if I couldn’t get along with 52s I’d have to be missing some of my favorite
    blends. But generally 44-48 is my sweet spot plus a handful of my fav
    lanceros in 38 and 40

  23. Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

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