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Padron 2000 Maduro cigar review

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Padron 2000 Maduro cigar review

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  1. I enjoy these also. Good smoke for the price.

  2. Amazing review as always Tatum!! Love the ash fail ☺️😂 that happens to me all of the time! You so should do a video explaining how you got into cigars and how much you love them! You’re a pro and I love your passion for the leaf!

  3. Great stick, wish it smoked longer.

  4. I've decided this isn't fair… Tatum is too beautiful to smoke one with… i can't concentrate on the cigar because i become enamored with the smoker… that said padron makes amazing blends!!

  5. Can you send me a couple of cigars please I like them

  6. Any suggestions for beginner cigar? Anyone

  7. Send me a couple of cigars please lol I like them

  8. lmao that dab! Lighting up an asylum while I watch

  9. This cigar is one of my favorites for sure.

  10. Padron's "budget line" blows a lot super premiums out of the water. A simple straight shooter that's good from frist light to the nub! I was watching this vid in my truck as I'm firing one up in the parking lot of my big box store. Some grumpy pants wearing dude yelled if I'm leaving so I yelled back "I'M SMOKIN' ONE WITH TATUM!" He looked at me like I was bananas. 🍌😉👍🙈

  11. I always hear good things about Padrons, I guess its time to try one. Thanks again for the review.

  12. Amazing review; Padron is always good! You’re looking pretty btw.

  13. If I start dabbing while smoking cigars I know who to blame!

  14. Came to the computer with a Padron 3000 and here you are reviewing a 2000. The 3000 is one of my favorite and most consistent stick I've had , I bet the 2000 is as well. You can't go wrong with Padron…gym hair looks great 😉

  15. I always enjoy watching your videos. I am a fairly new cigar smoker and always watch your videos to see what to try next. I trust your judgment and will recommend your channel to everyone I know! Thank you and keep up the good work!

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