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Padron 2000 Cigar Review | an affordable cigar by Padron!!!

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Padron is known for making some of the finest cigars in the world. In this video we’ll look at their 2000 series, which is part of a line of economy cigars. Lets see how it tastes!

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  1. Another episode of endless shrugging and the never closing right hand😂😂😂 love your vids even though I'm a non smoker

  2. I agree with Tim. It's not a bad stick but definitely not one of my favorites

  3. Tim, got away from watching your videos for a little while. This video was very well done. Good reminder of why I like your channel. Will get caught up.

  4. CigarObsession got nothing on Tim 👍

  5. Tim, I love the way you are so honest with your reviews. I felt like when you were with TNT, Bradley was such a salesman and said that every stick was "amazing". As a viewer and buyer, I want to know if the stick is really amazing or if it will be just ok. Since you are so honest, I will know if a cigar is truly amazing once in a while smoke, or if it will be an every day kind of smoke. Just wanted to leave some feedback about how much I love the channel!

  6. I love the Padron 6000. Will give this a try since it’s 3 bucks cheaper.

  7. Idk if you will see this comment but hilarious story just got off my 12 hour shift go in my humidor grab this padron put it back cause I had to shit and was like I'll watch a review on one why not then this showed up great 😂

  8. What kind of lighter are you using Tim? Love the vids btw!

  9. $5? lol these are £12 in the uk. Imports and tax I guess. Still worth it imo, they are great relatively fresh too.

  10. Always have some in my humidor

  11. The padron was my frist one that i ever smooked

  12. I love that Thunderbird lighter, but the one I got was a lemon. Would almost never light properly. I’ve had to send it in for repairs.

  13. You can never go wrong with a Padron thousand series cigars

  14. I love the Padrons. Always smooth, and if they burn crooked they always fix themselves. I prefer the 7000 maduro but they are all great. Would be my everyday smoke if I could. Let's see a review of the 7000 maduro. If you can handle it… lol jk

  15. Sorry but I hate that line of cigars

  16. What’s up Tim. I live somewhere where the humidity is regularly 90% or more, is it tough to have a humidor that keeps the humidity lower than it is outside of it? Thanks man

  17. Hey Tim Got my Cigars Daily order today everything looks good can not wait to smoke them. Thank for the fast free Shipping.

  18. I really want to do a cigar but they wont let us have tobacco products on base. its been so long

  19. Great price for a Padron. Thanks Tim.

  20. Bought a box for 100 like 5 years ago. Love them

  21. Guys don't use a big ass chunky cutter on Padron, a v-cut is the perfect cut for Padrons

  22. Have a bunch of the 4000s and 7000s, but your review was good and your prices are fair so ordering…

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