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Padron 1964 Anniversary SI15 Maduro Cigar Review

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Padron 1964 Anniversary SI15 Maduro Cigar Review This special edition 6×60 cigar is produced by Padron for and sold exclusive through to commemo…

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  1. found this due to my love of Padrons……THE HAIR!!! 

  2. can maduro cigars make certain people sick? it seems like the last few
    maduros i smoked they made me feel sick. but the camaroon and connecticut
    dont. is this due to amount of nicotine?

  3. @AmsterDanity thanx for the info

  4. Long Ashes !!!

  5. can you review a davidoff cru.no1?

  6. I recommend sampler packs to new smokers. I’ll see what I can do about some
    Davidoffs. The others are not yet announced.

  7. Nice shot of the stick with the bottle of world wide

  8. You said this is 2/4 for limited releases, what are the other 2 coming up?

  9. What would you reccomend to someone new to Cigars?

  10. lol

  11. man! Youve lost a lot of weight!

  12. whats your view on Dutch Masters, they’re all i smoke

  13. what does it mean when you say 6×60? is it in mm or like a special cigar
    measurement for diameter and then length?

  14. dude…you have to be looking back at older vids like this one and
    grinching….your hair really really bro. lol keep up the good vids.

  15. where would i preorder at ???

  16. The first number is the length in inches. The second is ring gauge, in
    1/64th of an inch in diameter. So 6×64 would 6 inches long and 1 inch in
    diameter. 5×48 would be 5 inches long and 3/4″ in diameter for comparison.
    The larger ring gauges is a relatively new phenomenon.

  17. yeah but i get sick of smoking cubans all the time ,

  18. @DiaryXOfXAXMadXMan no.

  19. Hmm…to me all the Padron’s I’ve are not that strong with the exception of
    the 1926 No. 6 Maduro that had a decent buzz. I’ve smoked the 80 year
    maduro twice and the 80 year natural once and it’s really not that strong
    maybe medium strength at the most

  20. oh my gosh my dad won’t stop buying padrons. whenever he lets me look in
    his humidor it is filled with padrons lol

  21. The site mentioned – smokeinn dot com

  22. Thumbs up is you can taste it right now!

  23. Bryan, I’m fairly new to the “Dig a little deeper” realm of the cigar
    world. I enjoy your Vids very much. One thing. All the hoopla about the
    1964 releases?? I know this has to do with the pre embargo but how are the
    cigar makers using this? I mean, like this Padron 64, is this really made
    of pre embargo leaf or??? Thanks for all your help in your Vids. Hooker53

  24. @MrHooker53 It is simply the name of the cigar, nothing to do with anything
    like that.

  25. I your pics I couldn’t help but see that Dogfish World wide stout. awesome,
    awesome beer!

  26. i love padrons , man if i was living in the usa id get nothing but padron ,
    i love the maduros , last box i had was the padron 7000 the big 60 guage
    man that was a good cigar , in australia they cost nearly $800 a box of 26 .

  27. LOL

  28. dude, u live in australia where cohibas are legal. stick to those lol

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