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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Imperial Maduro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Imperial Maduro Cigar Review This 6×54 box pressed stick features a dry, dark chocolate mottled wrapper with a velvet feel, ev…


  1. One of my go to cigars.

  2. This one sounds like a JDM Cuatro Cinco, same flavor profile. Gotta pick up
    a 5er for sure

  3. I was told that Bill Clinton likes to smoke this cigar.
    Did you hear or read at all if Bill Clinton smokes Padron 1964 cigars?

  4. Have you ever thought about saying how much you paid or how much a person
    could expect to pay for these cigars? I’m a new subscriber so maybe this
    has been covered before but personally price is a large factor in what I

    Been loving the videos. Thanks!

  5. It’s not single it’s a flag and cap I’m pretty sure 

  6. These are simply amazingly great

  7. Excellent cigar, bought a box of them when I deployed to Iraq and gave them
    away to my military buddies.

  8. I don’t believe I have had a better smoke than this very stick!!!
    Too bad I’m not a billionaire.

  9. I hate those caps im constantly watching people tear the caps when cutting
    them gently. i handle these cigars gently to say the least

  10. The 1964 is perennially in my top five. Love em!

  11. Love this review. Learning about cigars AND photography at the same time.
    Good stuff.

  12. FINALLY!


    Been looking forward to this review!

    You rock, Bryan!

  13. If only this could be my go to cigar! It unfortunately is a go to your
    wallet cigar. This is my favorite stick and I have been smoking cigars for
    15 years. 

  14. Best cigar in the world.

  15. Gotta say when i saw that you were reviewing a padron I got a little
    jealous. Great video as always!

  16. Smoked the cigar. Good, I agree. Thank you.

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