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Padron 1926 No. 2 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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It’s Cigar Aficionado’s No. 2 cigar of 2017, and in this review, you’ll learn why that is! Please like, share and subscribe. And would the Padron 1926 make your personal top 10 list?

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  1. Been smoking cigars now about 3 months, one a day, and I tried one of these… so tasty, I think these will be my first box of cigars I’ll buy !

  2. I only smoke cubans, finally tried this upon many recommendations, now i still only smoke cubans…

  3. I didn't like the Padron 1926 No.2/ I found it to be far too spicy

  4. I have not smoked the 1926 yet , see you soon to pick up my first one!

  5. Padron's are hard to beat man. Yummy

  6. Awesome stick. 17.20 is not bad. It’s about 26 in NY, and up to 30 in Manhattan (#2). Great review.

  7. I've just had one Padron, a 7000 torpedo and it had a knot in the head. Pretty disappointing and I hope to try the 1926 and 1924 some day. Nice jacket by the way.

  8. In Canada, prepare to pay $70 for this stick. A box of Padron 1926 is $1600, which is around $1200USD.

  9. If I buy one of these 1926 should I smoke it rite away or is it ok to put it in my humidor for a couple years until my kid graduates?

  10. Entertaining review, as always. I agree this is a great smoke, though I prefer the 1964, which presents more chocolate, less spice, and less strength. I would like to hear your opinion on the 1964.

  11. Dig it man. Chasing your dream. Love it!

  12. gents we are paying $42 for the Padron 1926 .2in the UK…..enjoy it and take advantage of the price, you don’t know how lucky you are in US, its the best smoke I’ve ever had, (previously was monty No.2) what a smoke though!!!

  13. Great Review of the 1926 Tim…. I do have to say there isnt much you can find wrong in that cigar and Yes its worthy of a 97-98 rating in my opinion… I only wish I was lucky enough to get that stick at $17.20 the 1 shop near me that carries them are at $25 and some change for that … but as it is just a special occasion smoke it doesnt hurt the wallet as much as it could …. Take Care

  14. Yo Tim! Love the new channel and love how informative and detailed you get on these reviews. Just out of curiosity and hopefully something you can add to future videos (if you wanted) how long does it take you to get through these sticks? I remember you said you go kinda fast, but I think it’d be a cool stat to mention when you’re at the final third. Keep it up tho dude! I’m new to the game and you (and Bradley) got me hooked! Appreciated that follow back on insta too (@tha.mick)

  15. The reason that a box-pressed in any blend tastes differently is because due to its shape, you can never close your lips completely around the cigar. Hence, in addition to pulling hot smoke through the cigar you are also pulling cool air from around the cigar making the resulting smoke in your mouth cooler than if you smoked a rounded cigar. The cooler the smoke, the better the taste

  16. Really loving the reviews man! Great to see how you toast the end up too! Would love to try one of these but being from the UK the price translates to around $45! Bit much for me 🙁

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