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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Thanks buddy!

  2. Wow hot x

  3. Awesome dude. No words can say what I feel…

  4. @FervidSmoker Is there a reason I should move to Connecticut.

  5. Packing huh, moving to Connecticut?

  6. Love this song Evan/BOTS

  7. @TheCigarLeatherGuy Yup, At Las Vegas Smokeout!!!

  8. wowowwow!! new look!!! you are great!! and your way to smoke is PER-FECT!!!
    I love you

  9. Looking good!!! I’ll help you pack!!!

  10. @Moyodsreds Thanks Buddy…much obliged.

  11. Loving the shaved head and longer tailback.

  12. Didn’t we recently chat?

  13. so great to see a man who inhales his gar smoke as proper men should

  14. Damn you were hittin that bitch!

  15. Nice bald head, cool beard, and great song.

  16. your inhaleing holy shit man thats hardcore

  17. great video! great beard!

  18. Damn this is great MAN !!

  19. if i move will You pack me? great video and love the eyes Bear

  20. WOOOOOOOFFFFFFF!!! You’d already be a hell of a sexy bear doing nothing,
    but with those ferocious deep hauls you are simply devastating! I agree
    with SubSlaveCD, that’s a 100% pure real man! Favorited instantly here.

  21. @ledercub hehehe…well thanks buddy. and I dunno….where are you moving
    to? LOL

  22. DAMN! Would like to light up a couple stogies with you! WOOF!

  23. WOW! Now that’s a 100% pure real man!!!

  24. Yeahhh MAN !!! Awesome vid!

  25. Beautiful !

  26. good to see you after the trim..look incredible sexy good stud

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