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OTC Pipe Tobacco Review: “Carter Hall”

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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“Carter Hall” by John Middleton Inc, an old school OTC (over the counter) Burley/Virginia tobacco touted by many to be amongst the best of the “drug store blends,” but how does it compare to more premium pipe tobaccos?

From the pouch: “What’s to Like About Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco… ‘Taste *Aroma * Moistness * No Bite * Even Burning * Good Price'”

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  1. Someone on the pipetobacco subreddit (the subreddit really loves this channel BTW) said you can buy a cob in walgreens, dunno for sure, as I've never seen one myself, but he said he called his local walgreens and asked, and they had it, just below the counter in a place that was hard to see.   (there should be a line break here)   I've never actually had carter hall or captain black because I've almost always seen them referred to as a "beginners" tobacco, or something that you smoke for your first time when you're drunk, or your friends dare you to, and just drift away from it, and never come back, so I've never actually tried it, despite its availability and price. I'm tempted to buy a pouch of either that or captain black (or just something I can find in a gas station) so I can have a "driving" or "on the go" tobacco.

  2. Just for laughs could you do back woods cigars? Very OTC, seen but never smoked, lots of mixed reviews

  3. Actually I do quite like Sir Walter Raleigh 50/50 with Crooner. One of the few home blends I do

  4. Hey Brad ! a question .. have you ever tried to smoke a Meerschaum pipe ? id you did .. was enjoyble ? cheers.

  5. Peterson's Wild Atlantic might be more to your liking. Its a pouch tobacco great for seaside smoking. I'm enjoying your views. Thanks for sharing…

  6. I like carter hall and captain black. Both classics in my book

  7. I like the background btw, nice and fresh, the blue

  8. I don't get that people like the mild taste of a tobacco blend. Don't you want to get a good taste of the tobacco? I'm more of a cigar guy in that way. Love pipe smoking though

  9. I love your honestly, and the ability to teach, as well entertain!!! I myself, waited to hear what your input was on C.H. I've smoked it many years ago, and found it mellow and not overbearing. To the point of continuing on the pipe smoking hobby. Thank the smoking God's…that I moved up the chain, looking for true TOBBACO flavor! I tried C.H. last week… knowing that you would do a review. My response was a big negative!!!! There was a very big difference in then and now, a the chemical interference was more prevalent then those years. Anyways, thanks for going the extra mile….just to see! John

  10. Hey Bradley! just got my first tin of Elizabethton mixture and….. I couldn't handle it :(. I think if I smoke some more carter hall and Prince Albert I'll be able to maybe not vomit after my next bowl.

  11. Unrelated but, what are your thoughts on clay pipes?

  12. Did you notice any tongue bite? I got a lot of tongue bite when I've tried to smoke some local OTC in Brazil, some aromatics. But i got hard tongue bite with macbaren too. Could be the aromatic tobacco? Thanks!

  13. great review like usual… have you thought of st. Bruno tobacco ?

  14. Great review Bradley. I'm on the same page with you on this one.

  15. My good friend Bradley. I'm a relatively new pipe smoker who started off smoking blends like Frog Mortons, Dunhill, Orlik, etc…and just out of curiosity I bought a pouch of CH to try, and after just one bowl, I stuffed the pouch back in it's box and pitched it in a drawer. I thought it was bland, flavorless and just…bleh. I've also tried Velvet, which I thought was marginally better but not by much. I've since grown tired of it as well. I don't plan on trashing either of the OTC blends I have…but I have no real desire to smoke them again any time soon. Maybe they'll age well; one can hope. Thanks for the review buddy.

  16. Carter Hall for me is a great change of pace blend. When I get sensory overload from my regular blends (Dunhill Flake, Capstan, Elisabethan, Std Mixture, and 965), I'll switch up for a while to the mildness of Carter Hall, and when I return to my regulars, they taste even better than before. I don't get the chemically alcohol thing you got (maybe because I jar it for a while). Cigar recommendation: if you get a chance try Oliva Serie G in Robusto or La Aroma de Cuba in Robusto. –Bill

  17. There is so much disinformation going around casing-favoring and many smokers remained convinced that Carter Hall is a “pure” tobacco blend. You will also hear many pipers boast about never smoking an aromatic or flavored blend. Truth is, raw tobaccos are very harsh on their own and almost all commercial blends, including English and Balkans DO include some kind of casing as Burleys and Virginias are systematically sprayed or soaked with some kind of casing.

    To me, the difference between an aromatic and non-aromatic is the type and quantity of casing used and the top flavoring, an extra layer of casing added at the later stage of blending. Ultimately, what matters the most is using (sparingly) a natural casing (rather than an artificial flavor) and high quality tobacco to start with.

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