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OTC Pipe Tobacco Review: Captain Black Original (White)

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Love them or hate them, the Captain Black blends are popular. Today, we find out if the original is as good (or as bad) as the internet claims.

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From the pouch: “…rich black cavendish and mellowed burleys, exceptionally mild, delightfully aromatic.



  1. Wow, being a beginner in this hobby, this video made me excited to order my first "actual" tobaccos since I started with OTCs. I was disappointed in the lack of any flavor and thought "why would anyone smoke this?"

  2. This has been a humorous video for me, couldn't stop giggling. I smoke both pure tobaccos like Orlik, Gawith, etc. and aromatics like Sutliff and Lane, and Captain Black. I love them both, but I have learned to smoke them differently. The rate of draws, length of draw, suction pressure, time between draws, all this changes between a straight and an aromatic. I think a lot of aromatic smokers can't enjoy pure tobaccos is that they smoke them with the same techniques they use for their favourite topped blends, and vice versa, many pure smokers don't enjoy aros likewise because they smoke them like straights. They're different, and the techniques for smoking each are different but once learned, both enjoyable in their own realm.

  3. In the Uk now they are not allowed to display tobacco you have to ask to see the list of what they have and they they open the shutters and get it for you then close them again , i smoke roll your own so i find it annoying and a little funny really also there is no branding on the pouches just pictures of people lungs or a dead bloke it's beyond crazy.
    Cheers Brad

  4. First time viewer. Enjoyed the review…love the DS shirt!

  5. I would like to recommend Sir Walter Raleigh for the next OTC review if you wouldn't mind.

  6. Congratulations for your first aromatic tobacco, buddy…!!!

  7. I agree, I'v tried CB white years ago and then some years later while visiting my sister, I'd no other choice than fall into the mercy of OTC and purchase it again. Smells great but never could finish a bowl.
    But what the hey! If it makes somebody else happy, all power to them.

  8. I love the bic lighter in lieu of your Peterson. Nice touch. Keep up the great work the channel is blowing up!!

  9. Hey Bradley,  I think its good that you occasionally review an OTC or an offbeat blend, it goes well with your very objective (mostly!) and thorough style of review that many of us have come to appreciate.  Ultimately whatever makes one happy, fill your bowl with it and enjoy.  Maybe if these OTC type blends were not around we would not appreciate the Dunhill's as much?  Be well!

  10. Hi Dear Mister Bradley and thanks for your objective review,well here we go, when I see black cavendish being as primary component of mixture I simply won't buy it, after trying most all of these basic OTC blends I came to conclusion theres only a few which I can imagine smokin' like all day stuff,more presicely, CH,Granger,Both Amphoras and Sail Yellow which is pretty much as a tamed down version of Amphora brown,(has no fired kentuckies and more of light cavendish is added) even PA was a bit too harsh to my likings and then SWR regular had kinda molasses rich weirdy taste . Ok so much for this, ain't gonna go further, Thanks again, and Greets, Paul

  11. You may have addressed this previously (I have a lot to catch up on vis a vis your videos), but what exactly do you put your tobacco on when you are packing? Is that a serving tray repurposed? Or a fancy tobacco plate of some kind? Love your channel, your "How To Smoke a Pipe" series was phenomenal.

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