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OTC Pipe Tobacco Review: Amphora “Full Aroma”

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From the pouch: “Centuries of tobacco craftsmanship go into Amphora Full. In addition to the Virginia tobaccos an exact amount of Burley and Oriental tobaccos from 3 Continents balance the blend, and the result is a smoothly textured and slow burning blend. Amphora is the trademark of high quality pipe tobacco.”


  1. I have this weird aversion to any tobacco in a bag and always pass it by. Which is weird because I've had a couple pretty good ones.

  2. So would you compare this to a Lakeland blend?

  3. Amphora full flavor , used to be called and "Amphora Red" it was my tobacco of choice when I first started smoking a pipe at age 18. I bought it because, a friend of mine's father, who was an admiral in the Navy used to smoke it and I loved the aroma. I later moved on to the same company who made a black Cavendish. As the years went on I moved away from those flavors and ventured out to seek other blends.I have no regrets ,it's still a good blend for someone who is interested in starting out pipe smoking.

  4. Smoked the Douwe Egberts blend in the 70's; this sounds nothing like it….

  5. Never tried it but it's a tobacco that you can find in any store here in Italy. Anyway I'm having 2 tins of frogmorton cellar/on the town coming from America this month and i can't wait to try them hahah

  6. 手をケガされたのですか?

  7. Good review so thanks. Amphora is mild nice Dutch type cavendish, I prefare original blend.

  8. Terry's chocolate orange…damn it I want one now..!

  9. Is it flowery like Mixture 79?

  10. t was 1978 when I smoked Amphora Full Aromatic. It was originally made in the Netherlands. At that time it was really a strong fruity aromatic. This blend is not at all comparable with the one from 1978, it is another blend altogether; it has become a very soft aromatic, nearly not aromatic all…The name is for beginner pipe smokers who are looking for an aromatic, very misleading.
    Kind regards,
    Meer weergeven

  11. Another excellent review Bradley. Thanks a lot.

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