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Opening a 20 Year old Tin of Vintage Pipe Tobacco.

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Opening a tin of 20 year old vintage pipe tobacco. Purchased circa 1990 by Keith Graham and gifted to me in part by Svante aka salemmal. This is a tin manufa…

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  1. nice second place prize! enjoy!

  2. Great opening, man. Now I want to find the vid where you smoke it.

  3. I am a big fan of cavendish tobaccos. I was curious to know if maybe some
    of you think that honey peanutbutter would be a good cavendish flavor?

  4. I was watching your video and all along I thought “you lucky SOB, I wish I
    could try that damned tobacco!” You literally burnt twenty years of my
    English heritage you arsonist!

    All the best from the UK

  5. Beautiful. What’s really cool, is that it’s void of that horrible “You’re
    Gonna Die!” label that covers half the can.

  6. Thanks John. Yeah, very lucky to have come across a cellared tin like this.
    I’ll be uploading a vid in a few days of the first smoke. Already cringing
    at how un articulate I am at reviewing tobacco, lol. Its a fantastic smoke.
    Cheers, James

  7. Haha, Man, I have Svante to thank for this lovely tin of aged tobacco! Just
    had another bowl today and it really is smooth, sweet, complex and tasty.
    I’m impressed! I hope to have a vid up in a few days where I show me
    smoking the first bowl. Hope your keeping warm up there sir! Cheers, James

  8. Hello Jerry. I’ve had a couple bowls since opening this tin of Punchbowle
    and man…Its wonderful stuff. Rich and mild subtly sweet. Really tasty
    baccy. Not that often one comes by a cellared tin this long. Thank you for
    watching, appreciate your support my friend. Cheers, James

  9. Hi James , my good friend..What a relief !! The condition of the tobacco in
    your aged tin looked in the same great condition as the one I opened last
    summer, also of the same age ! I now look forward to hearing what you think
    of it whilst actually smoking it !! Great close up images of the baccy and
    …yes ..I could make out the slight ” frosting ” as well..Enjoy my good
    friend ..Take care and God Bless Keith

  10. Hello Dustan! Damn, been a while since I’ve seen a vid from you! Yeah, I
    was pretty much stoked to find out I was getting three vintage tins! Keith
    and Svante are the best! lol. I’ll have a video up in a few days of the
    tasting notes, but I’m not really great at articulating and giving tobacco
    reviews. Had my second bowl already, really deep and rich. Thanks for the
    great comments! Cheers, James

  11. Hey Scott! Blew my mind to get this baccy! Its a damn good smoke, just
    happy Keith decided to part with it. Your rockin’ them pipes man! Keep up
    the killer work. Chees James

  12. Wow, this sounds like an amazing experience awaiting you! Thanks for
    sharing this moment of teased anticipation. Your enthusiasm and excitement
    really kind of leaped out to me. The few actual vintages I have sampled so
    far (thanks to Sam and Will. Hunter) have been extremely revelatory. Great
    experiences one and all. Hope this one will offer you some truly
    magnificent moments! Cheers, Thomas PS: Is this the first video since
    “Chinatown” – I feel there was one in between that I now can’t find!

  13. Hello sir! Glad to have you stop by. I’ve had a couple bowls now of this
    vintage Punchbowle. Wonderful tobacco. The tin note is between Squadron
    Leader and Duhill’s EMP. Very mild and rich and creamy. I think the main
    thing is it seems more complex with a hint of sweetness. A lot more going
    on in the nose too. I’ll have a video up in a few days I hope of me smoking
    the first bowl. Take care my friend. Cheers, James

  14. Thank you Glen. Keith is a real gent. Just saw that great stem Sarge made
    you for that MG! Good stuff. Cheers, James

  15. Hey Olle, Its really good tobacco! Hurry and get your ass back down to BKK!
    Cheers, James

  16. That is sweet! Enjoy bud! Glen.

  17. Great to see you James. Punchbowle is still available to buy today and is a
    classic blend. I’m not sure who makes it now but it is still a nice smoke.
    Enjoy your aged tobacco, it certainly looks great from the video. Enjoy it.
    All the best Paul

  18. Hello Aje´. I hope the review will do it justice, I’m not really good at
    tobacco reviews. It really is a fantastic blend. I think I recall the
    decanting tip from Neil Archer Roans blog site “A Passion for Pipes”. Thank
    you for the kind words my friend. Cheers, James

  19. Amazing.

  20. That’s so cool, James, I’ll be waiting for the next video. Thanks for
    sharing. Take care G.

  21. Greetings SG! Thats great to hear you found a place that sells Puchbowle! I
    found that James Barber out of the U.K. sells it. Not to the U.S. Crazy
    credit cards I hear. Still, its one thats currently out there is the point.
    I’d never heard of it before Keith sent this on to me. Going by this 20 yr
    tin, I’d be willing to buy the current version just to try it. Even without
    the luxury of age, I think this is one I’d enjoy. Hope to have a vid up
    soon with the first smoke. Thank you for watching! J.

  22. Haha yea damn is right I’ve been trying to set some vid time in but barley
    have any time at the moment. I have some great stuff and can’t wait to
    share. Lol no sweat man, after this vid you don’t have to tell me that
    Punchbowl’s gotta be one sweet smoke! Live long and puff on James -Dustan

  23. hey james Punchbowle is a graet tobbaco they also make a tobbaco called
    parsons plesure wich is also good they are worth trying. take care jonathan

  24. Hello Cort! I’ve seen some of your videos with aging tobacco. I think your
    spot on with that analogy to Whiskey. This 20 yr tin has really mellowed
    and the flavor components merged really nicely. rich and mellow. Yeah, that
    light frosting was something special to see. I don’t think the camera
    picked it up as well as I could see it with my eye but really happy to see
    it and hear that swoosh sound when I cracked it. Thanks for watching and
    always glad to see you stop by! Cheers, James

  25. Very cool! Sounds like great stuff. Enjoy!

  26. Thank you sir! Glad you stopped by. Cheers, James

  27. Looks marvelous, enjoy!

  28. Excellent is the word! Great to hear you’ve experienced some aged tobacco
    as well Eric. I saw it available on James Barber’s web site, but they won’t
    ship to the States. I’m just happy I got this tin. Yes, that ‘swoosh’ is
    really nice to hear on every tin one opens. I was really glad to hear it on
    this one. Hopefully will have a vid up on the first bowl soon. Hope you got
    that humidor up and running! Thank you for watching sir. Cheers, James

  29. Hello Thomas! I’ve already had a couple bowls and its fantastic! I plan on
    smoking this blend when I really have some time to contemplate or relax
    just thinking of the tobacco. This is the first video since “Chinatown”, so
    you haven’t missed anything. Thanks for the kind words Thomas! Truly a
    pleasure to have you stop by. Cheers, James

  30. Man, you said it! The only thing better is the baccy inside! lol. This is
    some really special stuff. Just had my second bowl. Smooth rich and creamy.
    Complex too. I’m hoping those crystals show up in the next vid where I
    smoke this baccy. Its like the lightest of frost. I’ve never seen it before
    so it really was exciting to see it. The tin note was between Squadron
    Leader and Dunhill’s EMP. Good stuff. Thanks for watching sir! Cheers, James

  31. You look so happy and enjoy with that.I’m waiting to watch next video. mitch

  32. Beautiful pipe! I look forward to hearing about your experience. Cheers

  33. Got it, just sent you a PM. Cheers, J.

  34. Jeff! I was worried you’d gotten deep frozen in Niagara Falls man! lol. The
    baccy is the shit! I hope all is well with you my man Great to hear from
    you buddy. Be great to see a vid from you! You already get back from Cuba
    this year? Cheers, James

  35. Hello Ishi! Man, this 20 year baccy is phenomenal. Amazing how something
    can taste so good after being in a tin for 20 years, lol. I worry about my
    tins rusting because of the humidity here so I have them in big plastic
    boxes that seal up pretty good. A little rust is not too much a problem but
    if its eating thru the tin, the baccy can dry out. Thanks for stopping by
    amigo! Cheers, James

  36. Thanks Rolf! Hope all is well with you! Finally just got the latest
    Testament album “Dark Roots of Earth on vinyl and its great! Cheers, James

  37. Hello Gustavo. Always a real pleasure to have you stop by my friend. I’m
    really happy to have received this tin of vintage baccy, a beautiful smoke.
    Hope to have the next vid up in several days. Thank you for watching.
    Cheers, James

  38. Awesome video, James! And just such a nice mood, great music. Sort of
    intimidating to open a vintage tin, isn’t it? Like, it’s this rare thing
    that you’re *consuming* and taking it out of circulation … whatever, it
    really makes you think about it. Enjoy! -Tom

  39. wow weeeee 20 year old tobacco? awesome. i have aged some dunhill blends
    including nightcap sadly my tins are rusting after 1 year of me getting it.
    may be its because im so close to the ocean.happy puffing

  40. im so glad you enjoyed the tins.ill be making similar vids hopefully in 19
    years time…lol

  41. Thank you for watching! Cheers, James

  42. hey james punchbolw is one of the great english tobaccos and being 20 years
    old it should have sirian latakia in it and should have aged to almolst
    perfection. i hope you have many happy smokes with this tobbaco. take care

  43. Haha, if it was this tin would be worth a whole lot more! Thanks for
    watching. Cheers, James

  44. Thanks man! The baccy is really nice, 20 years on this baby has done
    something special for sure. Keep the fire in that briar and keep warm
    buddy! Glad you stopped by. Cheers, James

  45. Thanks Jonathan, I’d only recently heard of Parsons Pleasure. I’d pick up a
    new tin of Punchbowle I think. If its as remotely good as this vintage tin
    it should be some great baccy I think. Have a great evening my friend.
    Cheers, James

  46. I was really looking forward to hearing that swoosh sound when I cracked
    the lid! lol. Would have been a major bummer if it wasn’t there. Dried out
    tobacco = no good!l lol. Glad this was a good tin and the baccy is just
    awesome. Thanks for watching. Cheers, James

  47. oh wow, that is just too cool man! enjoy scott

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