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On The Quest For The Holy Grail (Ave Maria Cigar Review)

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Is This the Holy Grail? Produced by AJ Fernandez his Tabacalera Fernandez factory. Was this his most perfect blend? LeeMack912 smokes it and lets you know if you should keep looking.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan (Ligero, Viso), Honduran Viso
Size: 7.12 x 58 “Holy Grail-Salomon”

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  1. Good vibes and good review; I thought that stogie would be mild, and as you said the price point is the key. Thanks for being positive; be well and stay balanced. Namaste

  2. Love these cigars. In the double corona size

  3. Love your work man! Keep those great reviews coming and let all those worries go up in smoke!!!

  4. love when your notification comes up on my phone k own im gonna get positive vibes and great reviews

  5. ha kinda glad I didn't rush to grad this one up but I did just find a helluva deal on a box of 8 so ima grab it cuz for this price I'd be a fool not too cheaper than what u saw on cbid so yeah I'll give it a shot and then store some to age and a cpl in the buddy box if I ain't feeling it to give to the buddys on the top of the list lol… but yeah the way u describe it is what I got from the San lotano brand exactly and I started with a big one so I stepped down to my normal robusto size to see if it would change up nope still just wasn't quite feeling it so I got 2 in the box aging and I'll come back n try later..funny thing is u has your ave for awhile and still was eehh so yeah Aj didn't put his foot in those like he usual does…

  6. gotta agree with you anything Aj makes I usually love but not all I just can't fade the San lotano brand tried all type of sizes just wasn't feeling it at all…

  7. haven't tried any ava Maria cigars yet may throw one in the cart on this weekends order… try it out but it's another I feel might be hype with price but let me get into ya video seems how you feeling it…

  8. AJ Fernandez new world is my favorite cigar I've only been smoking cigars for a couple months

  9. Stay up, LeeMack! I've smoked a grip of those in the Ark of the Covenant size, and love that pure, unadulterated tobacco flavor. Thanks for the review!

  10. LeeMack912.. sometimes i need your upbeat attitude! thanks for doing what you do!

  11. Love your videos! Keep them coming.

  12. Ah man….i feel for you buddy, i am a Diabetic also, and it SUCKS!!!! The feet are always an issue, and you did the right thing by going to the Doctor right away. Diabetic infections work FAST, and you can't screw around with them, you have to deal with them at the first sign of trouble! luckily i still have all ten of mine so far….I just recently smoked an Ave Maria, and it was just ok, nothing to right home about for the price. Would not go out of my way to smoke another one. Take care of that toe LeeMack, and have yourself a fine day sir, heading out the door to try out an La Aurora Escogitos Maduro!

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