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Oliva Inferno Robusto Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Oliva Inferno Robusto Cigar Review This 5×50 stick features a very dark brown mottled wrapper, small veins, clean seams, double cap, firm even pack and rich …

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  1. ah, no.

  2. Love the reviews. Hate the music. Usually I feel like I’m at the spa but
    this one made my head hurt. Love you though. Keep up the good work and
    thank you

  3. wow. Speed review haha

  4. Nice review Bryan, how long does post-filming production take you? So
    editing, rendering and uploading.

  5. Undercrown is a smokebomb.

  6. Where do you get your music

  7. I finally tried one in the 6×50 size same flavor and change about the
    midpoint but a decent amount of strength at the end. My first time seeing
    the difference In cigar sizes.

  8. @xlamentx are you Armenian is that why you know ara vay vay

  9. it keeps the tip cooler, meaning the favours don’t get destroyed by

  10. if i would like a stick with a big smoke output, which one would you

  11. I have it quite streamlined, about 30 min

  12. So I got my 5 pack of these Infernos in the mail yesterday.. I must say I
    am very impressed! For $20 a 5 pack you can’t go wrong with trying these!
    The burn time was a decent length.. The burn was razor sharp the whole way
    and it had a long finish in between puffs.. Very impressive for the price
    this stick is!

  13. That’s very good. Sorry for the questions but, how long have you been
    smoking cigars for anyway? And do you smoke at least one each day?

  14. 601 Blue

  15. Bryan, great vid. Famous Smoke has a few exclusives from Oliva. My everyday
    stick is made by Oliva called “Don Barreto” made exclusive for Famous
    Smoke. I recommend it, hopefully you could review one.

  16. So excited to get mine Friday. I got the dirty dozen with 3 of these 3 of
    the vindicator and 3 of 2 other sticks. So far they sound well made.

  17. CAO Brazilias

  18. Dude… i like the videos. You do them well. Thanks

  19. this music plays in my head 24-7

  20. You need to do another stogie review!

  21. It’s all custom made

  22. spot on glen loved the review on some of my notes i wrote saying the
    samething you did on the first lite up. that peppery flavor was all up in
    ya throat. it wast harsh but it let you k now it was there. great review as
    always an keep them coming.

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