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“Old Boy” vs. “Po’ Boy”, Pipe Lighter Comparison

Posted by in Lighter Review

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IM Corona “Old Boy” (made in Japan) vs. the Jifeng “Po’ Boy” (made in China) lighter comparison.



  1. Interesting review, BB. Like you, I appreciate the finer things in life and have alawys wanted one of those high end lighters. Good to hear from you!

  2. I want to get a briar finish/ brass finish old boy to have as a home lighter…maybe one of these days.Thanks Aaron.

  3. Nice comparison, I have both an old boy and a mr. Brog clone. The old boy is far superior in quality but for $20 the clones are great for running around when you may lose or damage your lighter.

  4. Just something I'll add to the conversation here. My old boy has been in my pocket almost everyday for over 12 years. I abuse this thing like its a bic. I have had it rebuilt twice, once in the factory for $8 and recently at music city marketing (the new company that handles US distrobution) for $40. I expect with "normal" use, using the proper flints and fuel, these lighters will last a very long time.
    I would be interested to see a follow up video to this after you have had both for about a year.
    Good review. Cheers!

  5. Thanks. Allthough I only own the Poor Boy 😉 It's interesting to see them both compared.

  6. Great comparison. I have a Mr. Brog Po Boy. I stopped using it because it became wildly inconsistent. I've ordered a Kiribi Kabuto that I hope suits my needs.

  7. Good comparison! Thanks for sharing with the community!

  8. great review my friend I have a old boy style pipe lighter also but mine is made buy Peterson it's a wonderful lighter very good quality nice Finish on it stainless steel and I'm very happy with it thanks for the video Happy smoking my friend☺☺☺☺

  9. Thanks for the comparison. I was wondering what the differences were. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Mine was stolen and I had to buy a 2nd one Black model both from Milan Tobacconist.

  11. I have one of those PoBoy lighters and it was working great until I think it quit sealing and would leak the fluid out within a day or two. I'm tempted to plop down another twenty and try again. Please update if your opinion changes, thanks bro…

  12. Great comparison. nice lighter. take care

  13. Nice review/comparison. classy looking lighters in my opinion.

  14. Thanks for that man!

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