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Obrigado Cigar Review & Release! It’s finally here!!!!

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Obrigado is officially here –
Order from between now and June 10th and get 25% OFF just for trying it. Thank you so much for all your support of Cigars Daily!!!

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  1. I second that ! That Cigar looks really clean! I’d say that’s an honest cigar review

  2. First off, I would like to say, congratulations brother. Second, I am glad to say that I am about order my first box soon. Great video and review.

  3. Got mine today!!!! YES!!!! Very fast shipping, a few days to rest I'm gonna light one up. Thanks Tim!!!!!

  4. How can I smoke cigars and not get addicted?

  5. Esteban Carreras 187 was my stick back in the day!

  6. I will give you an honest review 😎

  7. Yuusuusususss Obrigado Mr. Robusto

  8. Congratulations on the release! Just got my order in, and can't wait to try them out!

  9. Can't wait to try! Buying some right now ^_^

  10. Congrats on the stick Tim. Looking forward to trying it out!

  11. This cigar is amazing. One of my favorites hands down!

  12. Soooooo excited!!!! Can’t afford till next week still haven’t got the lighter yet that I plan on buying from you guys soooooo tehehe going to buy both it and this cigar next week😍😍😍😍 super stoked!

  13. I ordered a six pack and I get it tomorrow! Can’t wait for this weekend

  14. It's your stick I wouldn't expect less than a 90 rating either lol. Mine get here tomorrow!!!! 😀💨💪🏼

  15. Well done brother!!! But too bad i wish i could try that cigar which is happens to be the most wonderful creation of yours, i just hope one day you will be able to shipped to singapore.

  16. Bought 2 18-packs just from your honest judgement. Trust that I will enjoy this and can't beat the sale! Cheers!

  17. Just ordered a six-pack, Tim! This cigar sounds awesome and I can't wait to try!

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