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Numyth Tohil Watertight Fluid Lighter v2

Posted by in Lighter Review

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  1. ….SR52….review…..

  2. Make a PEANUT SIZE version.

  3. I suggest putting threading on the bottom of the lighter so that you can
    thread the top onto the bottom so that it is easier to hold when it is in
    use especially in cold and or wet weather.

  4. Pretty nice.. I had a couple of those plain peanut lighters and they all
    didnt work to well and threads wouldnt tighten, no seal.

  5. The only thing you could do more to improve the lighter is, to machine a
    little slot or something in the body. So you can store one or tow spare
    flints and if someone needs to change the flint in a emergency situation,
    it will be a easy and fast job.

  6. I’d love to see an optional neck lanyard offered with this lighter.

  7. Excellent commentary on the type. Thanks for pushing the bar a little
    higher for edc lighters.

  8. Cool product, I’ll definitely be getting a couple as soon as I scrounge up
    some $ lol

  9. This is awesome. i want to buy one, but the shipping cost half of the
    ligther, so ill pass. 🙁 i live in Sweden btw 

  10. I bought 2 of these & LOVE THEM ! High quality product !!!! The fluid keeps
    for months , thanks Marshall 

  11. Wish it was a slimmer design, too thick for EDC for me

  12. make one in butane plx 

  13. I will be sure to give this as a gift to friends and family

  14. Nice little guy but just an idea another chamber on backside to contain all
    the extra washers and wicks and flints. Like the water tight and the
    quality thanx for vid!

  15. just use piece of orange signal plastic/ reflex and a bandex 

  16. Thank you for making that lighter. I have loved that design since you put
    those out. You guys rule! I look forward to getting one or more for myself
    and for gift ideas. Keep up the good work!

  17. I have/like the original bright orange, but I like the new color too.

  18. The wick and (I assume) the flint are NOT standard Zippo compatible
    replacements, right ? … So … How common are replacement parts and
    where (all) can they be found, how much ? … What are the specs ? …
    ARE THE PARTS COMPATIBLE with any popular and available STANDARD ?
    … Looks like a really good design, BTW. Congrats !

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