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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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NUBS CAFE Oliva cigar review Look Inside My Humidor RAMONA BROWN THE CIGAR LADY (2018) #TheCigarLady

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I will be reviewing the Nub Cafe By Oliva; Espresso, Cappuccino and Macchiato. Then we go inside and I will show you what is currently in my personal humidor…Love, Ramona


I love the experience of smoking cigars. I feel that smoking a cigar is a slow, intimate, sensual process, not something to be rushed.

Sharing my thoughts about how smoking a great cigar touches all my senses….

TOUCH the hard shaft of the cigar. How does it FEEL as you put your lips on the end and slowly draw the smoke into your mouth?

HEAR the flick of the flame and the clip of the cutter.

SMELL the cigar before you light it, and the aroma of the other cigars burning in the room around you.

How does the tobacco TASTE as it lingers on your palate?

As you exhale, SEE the smoke as the thick white plume fills the air around you.


Does the sensual aroma of fine tobacco permeating the smoke-filled room evoke a feeling of satisfaction?

If you enjoy these sensations, then join me as I smoke delicious cigars.

Sharing my experiences in the cigar lifestyle….Love, Ramona

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  1. Great video Ramona. I believe info about proper humidification is the key to enjoy the cigar to the fullest. Me personally recommend Boveda packs 72%.

  2. Ramona, great review on the Nub. I use Boveda 72% pack. I prefer this method. I believe that using Boveda packs are the best way to ensure perfect humidity. Could you Pleasssseee do a review on humidity, since this is very important to keep your cigars fresh. If the review is the way I think it will be, I might as well buy a Boveda Humidor as well. I am glad I found this channel and subscribed. Others at the Smoke Shop I go to have found this to be some really good information. I have pasted this channel on to other new cigar smokers, since this is very informative. By the way you need to get a bigger humidor. Great job and keeping it coming.

  3. I have to agree with Ramona, if your looking for that cigar to end the long day with and has a little more flavor.  The Nub café are great.  All 3 have the own flavor profiles, my favorite is Espresso.To keep those Nub Café's fresh I care the Boveda 69% pack in my travel humidor. Works great for those weekend trips.

  4. Ramona, when it comes to humidification…I use a Boveda 320g pack @ 65%, as well as 6 additional Boveda 60g 65% packs spread around my humidor. They keep my large humidor absolutely PERFECT year-round and I wouldn't use anything else! Absolutely love the channel and content! SUBSCRIBED…Keep'em coming!

  5. Ramona, I use Boveda packs in my humidor.. at least 2, sometimes 3….. LOVE your videos Ms. Ramona….

  6. Ramona. Ramona Ramona. I must say that I adore your video's. I've learned more about selecting, smoking and properly enjoying the myriad of cigars available from watching you than I had in 20 plus years of visiting cigar shops around the country in the past 15 years. Thank you for your witty, informative and sensuous presentations! I was pleased to see that you too use Boveda packs in your humidor. I do as well and am glad that I've at least got that part right. Please keep educating us as to the joys of smoking. I can hardly wait for you review of the Gurkha Seduction as that is one of the staples of my humidor.

  7. Leave a comment telling me about your personal humidors and what humidification products you use…Love, Ramona

  8. I appreciate your movies, please made one with a red pleated skirt

  9. All my cigars are stored in either a cooler with custom made Spanish Cedar trays or in Tupperware containers with a seal built in the lid. My count is down to around 595 cigars.

  10. Hey, I had a Nub Connecticut once. It wasn’t flavored, but I got like a hour burn time out of it. Gonna have to check this one out. Thanks, Ramona!

  11. Impressive ashtray Lady Ramona! Ah those are your car cigars Lady Ramona? Love your slow motion sequences! Do you always enjoy your cigar outside when you are at home Lady Ramona? When you smoke a cigar it is always a sensual experience Lady Ramona! Impressive humidor Lady Ramona a little bit of everything in there for every occasion!

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