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No Cutter No Problem

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You do not need a cigar cutter to cut your cigar. Follow these simple tips to intimately prepare your cigar for consumption. Lick the head to loosen the seams. Go around the outer layer of the cigar with the nail of your thumb to separate the outer cap from the cigar. Lastly, pry the outer cap from the body of the cigar but make sure that there are no veins connecting the cap to the cigar.



  1. bite cigar head off remive any veins👍🏻

  2. Might as well put a condom on it

  3. You gotta taist the head of the cigar😏

  4. Try this on a figuardo…..dumb cunt…stay with your blunts and away from the culture of cigars.

  5. Just smoke the dam cigar,

  6. Sorry, but you can't taste the age of the cigar or all of the flavors of it by tasting the capped end of the cigar prior to cutting or pinching or tearing off the cap. Putting it into your mouth to loosen it for your method of removing the cap, ok, but the rest was pretty much bs.

    Also, for those people out there reading this, please don't put a cigar in your mouth and then use a cutter at a cigar shop. That's disgusting. No one else wants your germs all over the cutters there.

  7. "up close and personal with your cigar" You going Monica Lewinsky on it?

  8. Most men don't have fingernails like yours… The nails of a woman. Which brings me to my next point. Most men also don't suck dick!!!

  9. This nigga really just suck on that cigar?

  10. Tasting 5 times?u like to licking that tip or what

  11. Stop sucking on the cigar u gay nigger

  12. Excellent info! I don't think I'll be fellatio-ing a cigar anytime soon though.

  13. You gotta stop wearing that hat with that shirt…

  14. Why are you talking so fast…..CUNT.

  15. So do you smoke out of the head or the other end? And can I just use a small box liter to lite one?

  16. Its great to listen to a guy who doesn't lace his delivery with 1000 Uhmmmmms and Errrrrs . Great energy and concise directions. Thanks

  17. I thought someone was calling me on Discord

  18. Such immature kids on here. This is brilliant, man. Thanks for advice!

  19. Right after I clip my nails… DANG!

  20. I half-expected this dude to cut a hole in a grapefruit while he was deep-throating that cigar!

  21. I just tried. It works! Also very easy and convenient. Thanks for sharing.

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