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Nicolai Sennels & Douglas Goldstein on Muslims in Denmark – May 28, 2012.wmv

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From Arutz Sheva – Israel National News: “Problem of Muslim Integration Harming Economy” Sennels is a former prison psychologist in Copenhagen, Denmark. He t…


  1. the fair thing to know about real muslim is through Qur’an and Hadist. the
    good and the bad for muslim was depend on the Islamic rules which is once
    again in Qur’an and sunnah. the rules also talking about anger, locus of
    control and any kind of psychology thing.

  2. And the most confusing term of all – “religion”, which, instead of its real
    purpose of connecting all of humanity, can also contain interpretations
    such as totalitarian theocracy and all the evils that brings. And no wonder
    religion has such a bad rap when it’s used in that way. The word “religion”
    derives from Latin “re” and “ligio”. Connecting back. And stepping back we
    do gain that healthy compassionate perspective. Humans have such effective
    ways of ensuring that it achieves the opposite.

  3. definitely, what we consider as ‘moral’ may not be moral in the middle
    east! There is a great need for the re-definition of concepts such as
    morality, justice, peace, respect. It is necessary to define such
    differences, because any dialog with the middle east will be based on very
    weak foundations and in fact, illusionary.

  4. Very good. I often think the same thing. Other terms which have changed
    meanings causing semantic confusion are “liberalism” (as opposed to
    ‘classical’ liberalism, best describing centrist conservatives), “racism”
    and “genocide” (both of which are expanded by the UN into meaningless
    terms). Another one for which I cannot find an example is the term
    “far-right”, beyond the images of the fringe of Neo-Nazis or KKK. Even
    those are collectivist and totalitarian, which to me seem to be “far-left”.

  5. FOCUS! Go to the founder, the source, the cornerstone, the one man muslims
    emulate, do not question, nor scrutinize…muhammad What is expected from
    the followers? …muhammad was a pedophie, rapist, necrophiliac, slave
    master, polygamist, war monger, false prophet, KILLER, MURDERER…! Think
    about it. JESUS CHRIST lived a life above reproach, and commanded every one
    that follows HIM to LOVE one another,and yet people refer to some
    “christians” as killers How ironic that the West is blind

  6. very true…

  7. Very relevant point you made. I have spent time in the Middle East and have
    been “caught” by my desire to understand the differences between our
    Western “guilt-based” culture and the paradoxes of the Islamic
    “honor-based” perspective. This difference takes conscious study, something
    in which, to our detriment, the majority of Westerners have no interest.
    And it shows – in our leaders’ confused and ineffective policies as regards
    Muslims, in everything from immigration policy to geopolitics.

  8. i am a psychologist myself and i ve done a little study on morality of
    muslims and christians, and what i found was that muslims feel very little
    guilt and a lot of shame, that is,as soon as their immoral behavior becomes
    public, they feel shame, but if their behavior is not public, they feel
    nothing. it’s quite scary because guilt is the emotion that clearly
    distinguishes us from animals

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