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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Nica Libre Potencia Churchill Extra Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Nica Libre Potencia Churchill Extra Cigar Review This 7×52 cigar sports an oily velvet dark brown sungrown wrapper with a slight red hue, triple cap, minimal…

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  1. youre vids are so soothing to watch <33

  2. I hate the knots in cigars, it just almost ruins the whole thing for you.
    Your videos are fun to watch.

  3. @RationalDischarge i wouldnt mind seeing that shootout you should find the
    cigars and send it to Bryan.

  4. Hey, Bryan, would you possibly consider doing another “Cheap Stick
    Shootout”, this time featuring the “El Producto” (George Burns’ favorite
    cigar, only about a buck each) vs. the “Mr. B” maduro (about the same
    price)? I’ve heard a lot of people tout the Mr. B as the best cheap cigar
    around and incredibly, it is handrolled. But I have a tough time finding
    them, so I’m wondering if this is all just hype.

  5. All strength and mediocre flavor, I’ll have to pass on this one. Nice
    torches by the way.

  6. @micivic I ended up biting the bullet and ordering some of those Mr. B
    Maduros for myself and quite enjoyed them. They have a very characteristic
    “Nicaraguan” flavor. I’d compare them favorably to La Riquezas, except of
    course Mr. B’s are much cheaper. There aren’t any major transitions, but
    it’s a nice straight-forward nutty, musty, and strong smoke right on down
    the line. I’d say it’s a good stick for a card game or a night out with
    some buddies.

  7. @RationalDischarge check out JR Cigar, they carry Mr. B’s

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