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Newminster Superior Round Slices No. 403 Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Villiger Newminster Superior Round Slices No. 403 Pipe Tobacco

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  1. 05:04 See, that's why your reviews can't be trusted.
    When I review a tobacco, that is the last word. There is no equivecation.

  2. i do like this one. odd but it smokes a bit better if you give it a mist and let it sit for a day.

  3. I prefer MacBaren Dark Twist roll cake

  4. Another great review Liner. Thanks a lot buddy.

  5. I found it to be stemmy, with a lot of ribs in the coins, and a bit blah.

  6. Well Dag nab it I was planning a review on this blend….but now that you have spoken on the subject my review will be as bitey as this blend is

  7. Thank you for this review. I would love to hear what you think about the Solani Silver blend (Virginia and Kentucky). Thanks.

  8. Pipeliner – thanks for reviewing this one. Ive ordered a few ounces here and there over the years. It kind of seems like there's been quite a bit of variance between a few of them. Is there a mini-coin that you would recommend? Maybe Dark Twist Roll Cake?

  9. Oh knowledgeable one……. splain this to me please. Why oh why does the same tobacco sell in bulk for $1.25 and up an ounce but if I buy it in a tin it goes for in some cases three times as much per ounce? Is there a difference? Is tin tobacco better? I do like tins (art work, blend info, date stamp)…but it reminds me of the shoe polish tin collection that I have stored in the basement (ha!). Do people that smoke cigarettes save the empty packs and display them? Please ponder.

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