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NewAir CC 300 Humidor Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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  1. $353 at Home Depot with Free delivery which is the right price to pay for a cheap Humidor that will probably malfunction and ruin your cigars. No such thing as a cheap Mercedes or Humidor. Read online for reviews on performance of Humidors, esp electronic ones, and see that many have serious problems and prices vary a lot too.



  3. Good review Tim, thanks for the info.

  4. I used to use the New-Air 280 but I found it to always be finicky. In the beginning it worked well but after a couple years I started to have more problems with them. It also sometimes was a struggle to get humidity to stay where I like it, and I tried every method from Boveda to Beads to Distilled Water to cigar oasis. Eventually, water leaked from the back and destroyed about 500$ worth of cigars, most of which were irreplaceable. Long story short, if you have the time to check it every other day or so to make sure she's running fine, go for it. If not, I'd recommend people go the cabinet route.

  5. Great energy, informative and fun with killer editing and videography. Raising the bar!

  6. I use an actual cooler. No plastic smell because you pre load it with either Spanish Cedar trays or empty cigar boxes. The smell will change to Spanish Cedar in a couple days.

  7. Guys are now starting to use non functioning wine fridges and controlling humidity with either gel jars or Boveda's.

  8. Good review Tim. I just got this exact model a couple days ago and I already love it! Mine too had ZERO plastic smell and actually, had an amazing cedar smell instead. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I agree with pretty much everything you said except the price. I don't know where you saw this thing for $600 but that's almost TWICE what I paid on amazon. Btw, I'm using nothing but boveda packs and the humidity is holding at a perfect 68%. This unit is a must have!

  9. Got one last week for the 4 boxes of Liga Privada no. 9. I bought. Have to leave it unplugged because it constantly put out 60 degree temp when it’s set for 70 and the house is 70. NewAir won’t replace, they say nothing is wrong. 😫

  10. Wow best news ever! I need this in my man cave! LOL Cheers Tim!

  11. FYI it’s ‘for all intents and purposes’


  13. loving your vid your doing great on your venture i look forward to being a customer

  14. 👍Ive used these including the cc300 for a long time. It is overall very good. I run with a cigar oasis & I added led light strips. It smells fine. My one major feedback (& Yes I know, I know “ it’s a cooler winedor” ) but it doesn’t always maintain a temp the way it is marketed and stated by new air e.g. “temp adjustable in single degree increments. “ it rarely maintains a programmed temp. For instance , Even if ambient room temps are 70 & you set it at 70-74 (highest setting) it will always go into the low 60s. I’m in New England so we get all temps/humidity. But it’s in an AC room too. So often I just keep it unplugged and it maintains 70 degrees😂it seems to like to run at 64. Which is fine too. Again overall very good & I use it. Just my honest long time use feedback. 😉

  15. Crap, hit the thumbs down button on my phone, took it back, hit the thumbs up.

  16. I have been very interested in getting one of these. Looking forward to the giveaway for sure!

  17. Was just looking at this online and found it $352 bucks at the HDepot. You may have just swayed me to go in this direction. Thank you so much for all you do for cigar enthusiast.

  18. I have 2 of these. Got them on sale at Kohls (online only) with the extra 40% off coupon they were $279 ea. I got an extra drawer for one to help hold singles. 1 1/2 pounds of 65% heartfelt beads and the addition of a PC fan to circulate air and all is well. I use the Boveda bluetooth hygrometer. Oh, I sealed up the drain hole as well. Holds 65/65 perfectly

  19. Great point about the finger prints

  20. By the way I have 2 humidor reviews on my own channel 🙂

  21. I would love to have one but not for $400

  22. I need to up my game lol

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