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NewAir CC 300 Cigar Cooler review

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Charles Walhingford reviews his new large Capasity Wineador humidor. This commercially made cigar humidor or “Wineador” is not the product that Charles Walhingford was expecting. This cigar cooler cools the cigar far past the recommended temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This humidor does how ever keeps a tight seal keeping humidity level constant.

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  1. I have this model and love it. I live in SW Florida and keep my house at 72 degrees and this unit at 64. In my opinion the 70/70 is a max range for storing cigars but not necessarily ideal. I seasoned it with 84 RH boveda packs and have 20 69 RH in it now with around 400 cigars in it and it holds 68 RH perfectly. There are no humidors that "heat" that I am aware of. You have to maintain the ambient temperature where you keep your humidor to the correct temperature with any humidor. I would have liked this unit to have a humidifier built in but the boveda packs do a great job. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to store multiple boxes of cigars.

  2. The lack of a humidification device does not mean it is not a humidor. Almost no humidors come with  humidification devices built in. Any sealed container can be used to store cigars. Some common items are wine coolers (wineadors- as reviewed), Tupperware (tuppedor), cooler (cooledor), or a travel humidor (herfador), and of course a standard wooden humidor. As long as it has a relatively good seal, it can be used to store and age cigars. It doesn't matter how much you spend on the container they all work the same (under the condition that you can keep them at an appropriate temperature and humidity level. The perfect conditions for a cigar are not 70 degrees and 70% humidity. It depends completely on your own preferences and conditions. Many people keep their cigars as low as 62% and many find that 70% is far too high. The temperature does not matter as much. As long as it is below 75 degrees you should be ok. If you cannot store your cigars under 75 degrees than you simply cannot store cigars, period. If it is 65 degrees it is not going to make any difference whatsoever. the 70/70 'rule' is a myth.  This video isn't all bad. I appreciate that it gives an honest review of an average (non afficiondo's) perspective on the product. It is great for the beginner who would do better to learn the basics before understanding that there are not many  hardline rules when it comes to storing cigars. As a final piece of advice, never trust those who try to tell you that the cigars they are selling you are covered in plume. It is much much much more likely to be mold so unless you are a seasoned expert do not take the risk.

    As a side note to Charles Walhingford. Go on facebook and join CO Fans. Probably the best cigar group online where we do not hesitate to promote each other's cigar purchasing addictions!  Check out Bryan Glynn's reviews on Cigar Obsession and come join our group!    Thanks for the video!

  3. I have a Wineador. I use the new air 281e and it is excellent. In this video, he states that if you live in AZ,NM or TX…that you do not need one. Then states that you don't need one unless you live in those areas. Might of been a mistake. But trust me, if you live in those areas where temps can reach over 110, you absolutely need one of these. I did the mistake of getting a regular 100ct humidor and I could not keep temps down. It would stay at 80-85 degree. Too hot for my tastes. Don't want any bugs. So with the Wineador, the warmest I can get it is 66. which here in the Texas, it works just fine. If you still use swamp coolers to cool your house, you need one. If you use refridgerated air then you can survive with a regular humidor as the temp inside the humidor acclimates to the temps outside your humidor. So keeping your room cool at 70 or below will keep your cigars comy. I too use a Cigar Oasis and it keep my wineador at a constant 70 rh. This has been the best investment in my cigar collections so far. My next goal is to order the cabinets that go inside the humidor. Can't wait to order those. It also store a ton of cigars. and full boxes. This is a great review, although does not seem like he actually needs it. Or may have been confused with cooler/humidor like he stated. But some humidity and it works awesome.

  4. Thanks for this honest review. Planning to buy a Christmas gift from myself to myself and I am seriously considering this combined with an Oasis humidifier.
    Do you know of other brands that I should be looking at?

  5. Good stuff man! 👍 Question: why not purchase another Oasis for the cooler now to deal with the humidity issues?

  6. I'm confused. Is it or is it not a humidor?

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