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NewAir CC 100H Humidor Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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In this video we’re reviewing the NewAir CC-100H. Let’s give it a review, and see how it does.

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  1. Tim I live in Florida on the beach and I have a regular 100 count humidor. The humidity is usually 80% to 90% year around and it doesn’t get freezing. Do you think this would be a good investment for me to buy? ( love the shop and the show)

  2. Tim, are they offering the affiliate discount on the cc-300 as well?

  3. Tim since you live in the devils armpit in Arizona I will send you my address for the Newair. Here in WV i need a heat setting for sure.

  4. Thanks for this review. I had already invested in a Whynter model, but it was interesting to hear your thoughts about this type of humidor. I'm glad I invested in one, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their collection to the next level.

  5. That humidor looks spify for sure 😮

  6. Coming from someone who lives in a cold climate the temperature is only have the problem if it’s too cold it’s impossible to get humidity high enough plus like you said the extreme changes in temperature is very bad

  7. I love my new air. I have the old version.

  8. I have had a NewAir for almost 2 years and I love it. It can jump in humidity easy, so I work to keep it down around 64% and something that helped was moving it down to a more controlled temp room. For monitoring, I use the Sensor Push with Sensor Push G1 gateway and love it – can check my stuff when I'm traveling. Great vid Tim!

  9. Well I would love to have one of those but my wife would go crazy when I kept it full of 280 cigars all the time. Lol
    Great honest review.

  10. I was about to make a purchase on your website, humidor, hygrometer, cigars, boveda packs… was so exited…. then, you dont ship to Mexico……..

  11. Awesome video Tim been watching you since your days on TNT miss you and Bradley doing videos together but your new channel is awesome and I’m excited for the success of your new company

  12. I've had mine for a couple of months. I have about 100 cigars and running 69 degrees and 68-70 % humidity. I have multiple Boveda packs and the humidity is holding strong but 2% difference from top to bottom. I had to give extra love to remove the plastic smell. I also had to rub down the shelves and draw a few times. Mine had a varnish smell that took a little bit to remove. Otherwise I love this wineador and would 100% recommend it. Sure beats the old glass top humidor I had that I had a hell of a time keeping at 72% humidity let alone 68-70. Now time to order a bunch of Cigars from Cigars Daily to fill'er up.

  13. So…..Did you leave the cigars in? Did the humidity come down? That would have been a good thing to do and then report on.

  14. TIM!!! Thanks for the review. Ill be in the market for a new humidor in the near future. Right now im waiting for the obrigado six pack I ordered from you guys to get here. Cant wait keep up the great videos buddy

  15. Here in scotland we have trouble with temprrtures my humidors go between 68 to 71 during any 24 hr period my rh is usually between 68 to 72. But ive never had any problems with that and ive over 1200 cigars.

  16. I have that same model for about 3 months now. Few extra tips. Make sure you have enough cigars there otherwise your RH will fluctuate too much. Try to have a little empty space as possible. It has a hole for getting rid of the condensation so you might want to plug it, but test it first and if it is stable don't worry about it. Make sure to wipe down the plastic areas with baking soda to get rid of the plastic smell. I use two 160 gram boveda packs. Overall it is so far the best* humidor out there in my personal opinion.

  17. I'm made my own wineador after watching the Newair giveaway.

    I agree that they hold and store cigars very well.

  18. Would you recommend a Cigar Oasis?

  19. Mine stays at 68° with 73% humidity

  20. Can you season a wineador with an 84% boveda?

  21. So all of you got free Humidors haha

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