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NEWAIR CC-100H Cigar Humidor Review | LEEMACK912

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LeeMack912 reviews the recently released NEWAIR CC-100H cigar humidor: the first humidor of this type to offer both heating & cooling. LeeMack912 tells you if it is a hit or a swing and a miss.

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  1. Nice review LeeMack…… someday;)

  2. Very nice review brother I might have to look into one of those

  3. Mr leemack thanks for hooking the family up !
    20% and fee shipping
    Awesome review as always
    Thank you

  4. LeeMack!! I never hear of anyone trying to put the boxes in the humidor. I thought you were supposed to remove the cigars from the box, as well as take them out of the cellophane wrapper once they found a stable home.

  5. They are trying to get the word out on these your the 2nd person to review this unit this week.

  6. Awesome review. May have to grab me one. Been looking for something similar to this for a while. 💪🏾💪🏾

  7. Looks great! You have a e-mail I would like to send you a photo

  8. i would need about 20 of these for all my cigars lol.

  9. Good review my man. I have the cc300 and I love it. It maintains humidity like a champ. I haven't had to plug it in much yet since it can't seem to get out of the 40's in Ohio. I have noticed though that the analog hygrometer it comes with is crap, and the temperature reading seems to be off 3 or 4 degrees like most other people are saying. I don't know why new air hasn't recognized this as an obvious issue and fixed it by now. But I love it nonetheless. I have 2 other digital hygrometers that I trust in there and I've been sitting at a perfect 68/68 for a month now. I use nothing but 69% boveda packs. I agree with the comment that the more cigars you have in the humidor, the easier it is to maintain the desired humidity.

  10. I purchased the NewAir cc100 cooler roughly 2 weeks ago. I too also found the hydrometer that it comes with does not work and can’t adjust it. I put the SensorPush in mine as temp and hydrometer which works great. I have about .6 degree difference between SensorPush and NewAir thermostat. The one other issue I had for 1st week was the humidity was too high and could not get it below 75% but I found that the more cigars you put inside the easier it is to maintain the humidity. Overall it works great!

  11. Mack I have the same one but an older model without the lock. Keep it humidified and it will be just fine 🙂

  12. Got to have the 1502s. Love em

  13. Damn. I’m using Tupperware. Along with boveda packs. Lol

  14. About to hit that 5k brotha leemack!

  15. Love the video brother. I’m still debating on making a humidor haven’t got around to fiddling with it yet

  16. Might have to look into getting one of these brother.. been having some problems with the accuracy of my hydrometer and keeping the temp right

  17. @LeeMack912cigarMcClain I love that you quoted Floss lol "usual books in ish. File those to tha side!" Awsome videos great review. Keep up the good work.

  18. My Brother from …… Looks good, all about PRICE ;0) . My humidor is only 20 years old . . In the High desert I use Boveda 74 and then take 10 out to put in my HerfaDor with 69% Bovedas. ..Works fine.

    Cigar Nutz (FB)

    Please do an up date . Thanks

  19. Those little round hygrometers look nice but they work like crap. LoL! That’s a nice humidor.

  20. Maybe someday I'll upgrade from my 25 count acrylic to one of those puppies.

  21. Sent a like your way Brother Mack! I have a CC300 that I won from and im impresses. Cali temp ranges from 60 to 85 these days and it’s been holding temps no problem. Holding humidity with DI water and a sponge and some Boveda packs in the drawers. My hygrometer takes awhile to be accurate and agree with you about the light. Overall I say it’s a must have.
    Have a great day!

  22. Mr. Mack. It's nothing short of crazy how the timing of this review came out. I have one of these and a CC-300 coming on Saturday. If you can reach out to them, put a word in their ear about making a CC-300 with a heater. You are one of the best reviewers on YouTube.

  23. I dream of his and hers humidors that size!

  24. Yo… There should be a small hole on the back of the hydrometer. You can stick a small flathead in an correct it. They aren't accurate either way, bump it once and it's over

  25. Damn leemack, you giving us the full discount, looking out for the family. Have a great day LM

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