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New style USB double arc Plasma Lighter! Unboxing and burning stuff

Posted by in Lighter Review

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A comparison with the popular style USB plasma lighter. This one is a lot more usable!

Windproof, metal, flameless, rechargeable lighter, ideal for outdoors – camping/bbq/survival, indoors – candles/gas cooker. No need for refill, just charge it on any USB port.

Link to item on ebay uk (not many available):


  1. Jesus Christ that high frequency sound is ear piercing

  2. Does it actually make that high pitched noise in real life?

  3. Can you light incest with them?

  4. Does it actually sound that high pitched?

  5. How long would the battery last for one of these? If it is barely used?

  6. Can I stick it up my ass to avoid security checkpoints?

  7. This video destroyed my speakers tweeters. WARNING, DO NOT WATCH ANYWHERE NEAR FULL VOLUME ON YOUR NICE SPEAKER SYSTEM. The high pitch noise from the lighter will blow your tweeters. Dammit!!!

  8. Who decided that using a taser as a light was a good idea. =.= At least the previous design was safer.

  9. I'm sitting here thinking when are the plasma swords "lightsabers" coming out.

  10. I just got one of these to smoke weed with. The rectangular ones would be impossible to use in a bowl, but I'm really hoping one of these will work ok with a bowl piece.

  11. You COULDN'T use that so solder, that's plazma at least 50kilovolts so you'd fry small ICs or burst capacitors plus the shock hazard

  12. Can't beat the zippo style + that gold finish is top!

  13. basically applying a scaled down handheld plasma cutter to batteries, that's exactly what I'm going to do with mine 😫😫😭😭😭 why not grab some high powered rifle cartridges next & see what happens

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