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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. I meant, Good for you man, not Igloos. That was a auto spell.. My bad.

  2. thanks,Cheers

  3. lol sounds good

  4. Ya will see what happens buddy, ill keep you posted and see how it goes,

  5. Congrats buddy! Looks like a beauty! Very nice start fillin’
    her up with some nice cigars. Looks like a nice piece of
    furniture…humidors like that (classy) show well in living rooms and
    family rooms. Enjoy it my friend.

  6. Sweet Humidor! Glass top and front Hygrometers scare a bit in Canada
    weather… but maybe I’m crazy.

  7. NIce Humi!

  8. Very nice purchase, well done. Cheers Mark

  9. ya with this warm weather the igloo will be melting… Cheers

  10. Working on it, been looking at pipesandicgars,com but id imagine the ole
    duty fees will hurt the most , Cheers

  11. thank you, Cheers

  12. I just got a glass top a few months ago. I love mine. Igloos for you man,
    the most fun part is filling it up with nice tasty sticks.

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