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Natural | Drew Estate | Cigar Review | LeeMack912 | Cigar Review

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Natural | Drew Estate | Cigar Review | LeeMack912 | Cigar Review.
Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Nicaragua, Syria, Brazil, Turkey, Cameroon, St. James Parish, Connecticut, Java & Mexico.

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Natural by Drew Estate is on its own level. Each size in the Natural line has its own individual blend. The tobaccos used in these cigars are sourced from both traditional and exotic countries around the globe, including Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Nicaragua, Syria, Brazil, Turkey, Cameroon, St. James Parish, Connecticut, Java, Mexico, and other undisclosed locales.

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Drew Estates is the biggest brand to have emerged from the 90’s cigar booms. They have made their mark in the industry as the leading producer of flavored cigars. Their natural cigars meet the same excellent quality as their flavored ones and stand head-to-head with the cigars from traditional manufacturers.The Natural lines pushes cigar making to the farthest edge. From the Natural NDB with its ultra length to the small Juicy Lucy that erupts in an earthy, robust flavor. The much stronger Natural Root is the “mocha cappuccino” of the cigar world with deep rich flavors and strong notes of coffee. No matter which Natural you choose, you will be getting a first-class cigar that will provide a satisfying smoke.

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  1. Thank you!  You are a brave man.  Some of the cigars you try just confirm my suspicion that they suck.

  2. you're dead on with this review….the sweet tip makes me sick to my stomach ….artifical sweetener….terrible.

  3. Theres also some pipe tobacco in there! I love em. To me, the sweet tip combined w the weird blend of tobaccos gives it a cinnamon vibe. I don't usually like the sweetened tip, but it works for me w this one.

    If you want to try this blend WITHOUT the sweetened tip, get the Drew Estate Natural Root. The Root is the same blend, but without the sweet tip. CHEERS

  4. I like the drew estate natural line. Goes great with coffee.

  5. Much love from Baltimore Family! Always a great day in the hood 🎩👌🏾💨

  6. I actually like this line of Drew Estates. The Natural was the first cigar I've smoked. Son in law gave me one. Though I liked it, I rarely have one – maybe once a year I'll seek one out.

    That said, I've tried several flavored cigars and I'm not too fond of them. Only two I've found that I've enjoyed; Natural and Copper Label.

    Great review, brother!

  7. LeeMack, that's a great cigar, you're all wrong! Ha! Ha! just kidding. It's not good for you, but it might be to others. I remember smoking some of the Naturals and getting little to no flavors. The sweetened tip is a turn-off. DE has gotten criticisms from others about it, but they are still making them because they are being purchased by people who like it. Guess what? There are cigars you like, and that others hate. The world keeps turning my friend. Have a another great day!

  8. Dope Review my friend😎✌🏾💙

  9. I do not use a cutter anymore, I use my razor sharp pocket knives and it does a better job for me. Happy Thanksgiving sir.

  10. Lol they don't make matches like they used to. I remember you could get 3"matches for cigars that were decently slow burning. Smoking a Oliva and I am disappointed once again. For the price, burn and construction they are not worth it. I smoked several now because I bought 5 packs of two blends and I have had nothing but trouble with them especially with the shaped tip. There cheap stick tastes better than their premium line. If you know anyone who likes them let me know and I'll send them to you as well. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  11. Have a great day mate, not just for your reviews but for putting a smile on my face at the same time. Have a guddun 🙂

  12. good thing your not allergic to cigars lol. Guess i'll avoid this one. I am smoking the hell out of an espinosa Laranja this morning, very tasty and one of my faves.

  13. Damn I hate those big ol mush's of blaghhhhgh!

  14. Leemack, the matches don't do any justice to the cigar. I tried litting my cigar once with matches and my freaking cigar tasted like barbeque. Its because the matches gives a Smokey flavor on the cigar. But its all good because once in a while we all go thru not having a lighter and need a smoke after work on the way home.

  15. Good brother. Try the "dirt torpedo". Non infused. Ive smoked maybe 10 in the past 3 years and have enjoyed everyone of them. Have a good 1 Lee Mack!

  16. Hey Leander! That natural is having a bad day! What are your thoughts on the undercrown? Enjoyed a few of them lately. Another great day here in Ireland ! Still give my kids your wise words everyday and when they get home from school I ask ,how was your day? Always the same answer "Great" . The only way to enjoy life man! Keep up the great reviews!

  17. I had one over the summer…i was not impressed!

  18. Yea i cant do the sweet cigars happy turkey day big brah glad you did this one I've had it in my cart a few times and said nah didn't realize that it was a infused cigar

  19. Hey brother thanks for the honest review. Sorry about your knee and hope you get some relief soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Love ya brother!

  20. Thanks for another great review,had to smile every time u said this is a bad cigar you take a puff.yep it’s a bad cigar puff again.
    Changed my name for you,still a simple guy ha.
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours

  21. Love the channel, keep doing your thang brotha!

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