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My Uzi Weighs A Ton – Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Another good smoke from Drew Estate! Thanks Andy! You can email me directly at


  1. The smoke was thick when i opened my mouth and the smoke poured from my
    lips. But the smoke tasted like feet.

  2. Good review man. Why did you have so many takes? People just keep
    interrupting you?

  3. I’ve had one of these before, not a fan.

  4. I just tried one of these and it was good but I like the undercrown better.

  5. @narule And yeah, I think it would’ve been better with some age on it.

  6. my favorite moment was 4:42 in lol. Great review. Cya on r/cigars!

  7. I thought it had more kick than the Undercrown but the flavor was
    just….bland to me. The problem I had with it was that the cigar just
    didn’t pop. There wasn’t a flavor that made me want to smoke it to the nub.
    I’ve heard aging it might be a good idea so I am going to grab another and
    let it sit for a couple months. Great review Derek!

  8. @thisistman It’s a white trash soul patch!

  9. I tried one of these and was not impressed and I actually chucked it out of
    my work truck window doing about 80 miles an hour. A suitable ending to a
    terrible smoke. Would definitely not buy one of these and glad I did not
    pay for mine as it was a gift. I also smoked an Undercrown and when I
    pulled it out of the cellophane I noticed that the wrapper actually had a
    patch job on it . Yeah go figure. I don’t know man but that is shady shit
    In my opinion. Just my experience. Salam

  10. @FervidSmoker Yeah. It was ok. Not something I’d get again.

  11. You should smoke a la glorea. And the whole video instead of blowing the
    smoke let it just pour from your mouth. That it a good way to get the full
    flavor from that cigar. DO THE VIDEO!!

  12. @narule Thank you dude! Cheers!

  13. What is that on your chin???

  14. Lmao. It wasn’t THAT bad. I’d perfer the undercrown to this any day though.

  15. my 9mm uzi weighs 19 1/2pounds

  16. Man, that sucks about the Undercrown. Never had any problems with them. I
    got a Fuente Anjeo that had a patch on it. Didn’t affect it in any way
    though. This stick was just kinda on the bland side for me. Cheers dude!

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