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My story with H. Upmann Connoisseur B Cigar Review قصتي مع الاوبمان_كونوسور_ب

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H. Upmann is among the oldest cigar brands in existence. In 1843, banker Hermann Dietrich Upmann (b. 16 May 1816 – d. 1894) arrived in Havana, Cuba, to arrange business affairs for the firm of Gravenhorst & Co., an importing/exporting firm located in Bremen, Germany.[1] Seeing the potential for further importing opportunities, Upmann purchased a local cigar factory at 85 San Miguel Street, Havana, and began producing cigars under the H. Upmann brand in 1844.[1] At the same time he began a banking business, initially catering to tobacco dealers and manufacturers.[2][1] Hermann Upmann retired in 1890, and was succeeded by his nephew, Heinrich Upmann, who continued operating the business with his partners Heinrich Runken and Theodore Garbade,[3] until his death in 1914, and was in turn succeeded by Hermann and Albert (Alberto) Upmann, nephews of Heinrich.[1] By 1900, H. Upmann cigar manufacturing had moved to a large building located at 159-169 Paseo de Tacon (later renamed Avenida Carlos III) in Havana, sited between Calle Belascoin and Avenida Carlos III (Tercero). The H. Upmann Bank was at Calle Mercaderes Amargura 1-3 in Havana.

A glass jar humidor of H. Upmann Arcadias Claro, believed to be pre-embargo
Upmann is sometimes credited with the invention of packaging cigars in cedar boxes to give to their customers. These original boxes were labelled with the H. Upmann name and contained other manufacturers’ cigars, most likely as an advertisement for the operation, until the Upmanns bought their own cigar factory in 1844: the famous H. Upmann Factory, now known as the José Martí Factory, in Havana.

Through the late 1800s, the H. Upmann brand gained international recognition at various exhibitions and won seven gold medals which still adorn the lithographed art on today’s H. Upmann boxes, along with Hermann Upmann’s original signature. In North America, Charles Landau became the exclusive agent for H. Upmann cigars for many years.


  1. انت سفير مرض السرطان

  2. ليش مطول الغيبة ؟

  3. لو سمحت عندي كم من سوال
    السؤال الاول هل صحيح ان السيجار والبايب النوكتين الي بالتوباكو الجسم يمتصه من خلال اللسان ؟ او ان الواحد مهما دخن وما كن مافيه امتصاص للنوكوتين
    السوال الثاني كم نسبة النوكتين بالسيجار وهل يحتوي على مواد كيميائية مثل المالبورو وغيرها

    شكراً لك

  4. كم سعر السيگار الي دخنته

  5. هل السيجار يتجوف ولا لا ان سمعت انه ما يتجوف و انه يجب صخونه

  6. وراك ماتكمل وتعطينا حلقه عن الحشيش مره وحده!

  7. أريدك تكلم عن تاريخ السيجار وكيف صار بهالشكل وعن نبتته

  8. Great review. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  9. Beautiful cigar my friend! Nice to see you in a new video. Enjoy!

  10. عطني سنابك أستاذ علي لو تكرمت

  11. اخوي علي ممكن سنابك طال عمرك وشكرا 🌹

  12. I usually smoke one goo cigar every weekend that's good for both my budget and health as well 🙄
    How much do you smoke my friend?
    ربي يوفقك 😍

  13. ماشاء الله خبير في السيقار 👨‍🔬

  14. منور طولت علينا ❤️❤️❤️

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