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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. La Gloria Cubana Serie N

  2. Smoked a brickhouse together with this video..

  3. Hahaha ho ho Kel slow down keep calm and puff on lol……fricken kids and
    their dirt bikes…. great series btw lookin forward to part five man, I
    think Te Amo is making a cuban blend or “so” smoked some McClelland’s 2015
    with this vid and enjoying life. Cheers my friend -Dustan

  4. La Gloria Cubana Serie N

  5. Thanks Man!

  6. I haven’t noticed the focus problem. Don’t pay attention to the video just
    the words.

  7. yes many times auto focus will pick a zone like your hand when it gets
    close to the camera then when its moved it will focus on the background and
    then zone your face and refocus, which can be annoying for sure! great vid
    Man. Keep them rolling!

  8. Their heads would be the first ones to go on pikes. LOL

  9. what type of cigar are you smoking? heard you say it in part #9. couldn’t
    make it out? love the videos.

  10. Haha love this guy, keep making ill keep watching !!! always get me in the
    mood to smoke one.

  11. That brand is on my long term try list, do they make a good maduro?

  12. You can say that again. I don’t have anything against bikes, I started
    riding off road bike when I was five or six. But that thing was a couple of
    blocks away on the other side of the forest and still loud as fuck. It just
    doesn’t have a muffler. That’s not cool.

  13. Thank you Dustan!

  14. Don’t be too hard on the rider, you have to realize that it’s the biggest
    thing he will have between his legs his whole life.

  15. lol best short rant ever

  16. Some of your best film quality Kel! Nice video. I really need to go through
    your how to smoke a cigar series because for some reason cigars are easier
    to get than pipes for me at this point.

  17. lmfao i died at 3:30 ur hilarious Kel

  18. 1080P

  19. Thanks Man!

  20. what cigar are you smoking?

  21. I hate the sound of loud hogs. They should be like children–seen and not

  22. We used to take old police spike strips and stick them on wood planks. Then
    sneak onto people like that’s trails and stick them on the track so it
    would pop their tire.

  23. I try to hold it in, but when it’s there and just keeps going and going and
    I”m trying to act like it’s not happening, but it’s like a dentist drill on
    my brain. The camera’s mic pick it up, you have no idea how loud it was in
    real life. Sometimes I just lose it. LOL (and I agree with you, a bullet
    would be to quick for that mutant)

  24. I should start using the manual focus button. I could just press that and
    it would stay focused on one place, but I’m afraid that if it doesn’t focus
    right the whole vid will be out of focus. It’s wierd.

  25. I actually rather enjoy the longer twelve minute long videos. Especially
    the ones where you recount stories from your childhood. Either way great
    vids, keep ’em coming. Cheers Anthony

  26. 3:30 Hahaha almost choke on my pipe! First the planes then the neighbours
    and now this guy No need for a gun, use one of your knifes instead and post
    it on TheTacticalView ..just kidding

  27. First comment.

  28. My pelican is getting pretty full, but I have bought anything new for
    months. I’d like to though. One of these days.

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