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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. No clay pipe :[ I am disappoint

  2. Kel I’ve noticed your love for rustic style pipes. I too am a huge fan of
    sand blasted freehand pipes. I highly recommend a Eric boarding freehand
    rustic style. It is by far my favorite pipe I own and has a great low price
    and beautiful style.

  3. I have been waiting on this video for a while. Thanks kel!

  4. I have considered it!

  5. Wow! lots of bent Dublin’s/Calabash and Bulldogs! Some awesome pipes there
    Kell. Lots of great sand blasts too! Great idea about making a screen
    saver. Still, would count as porn for me! lol Cheers, James

  6. Kel, Wow, that is a stunning collection. Those sand-blasted/rusticated bent
    pips are gorgeous. And that arrangement itself is awesome. I’d be excited
    all the time myself if that were my computer wallpaper reminding me of a
    collection like that. You’re right about the out-of-sight, out-of-mind
    thing, but flipping it around to get more use out of things. I do that with
    other things myself, like books, or pipe tobacco I want to smoke through
    first. Thanks for sharing that! Peace, Eric

  7. nice collection…..

  8. nice collection, looks like you really enjoy the sandblasts, I don’t care
    for them myself although I have one and it seems to keep cooler than the
    normal smooth briars. cheers.

  9. Wat do u think is a good starter pipe?

  10. A man with a lot of pipes is a good man

  11. Thank you Samuel, It’s nice to finally have a camera which will do that.

  12. Oh great collection I love the Bulldogs. Thanks

  13. yo kel can you suggest a good christmasy tobacco.

  14. No bother, always glad to help when I can!

  15. Well, I bought my first pipe in my mid twenties, so this makes it around
    thirty years. But, ….. I smoked the same two pipes for many, many years
    before I started collecting on a regular basis.

  16. Great collection Kel!

  17. Thank you!

  18. That’s interesting, I think I read somewhere years ago that sandblasts
    could do that, but for me I must be honest, I’m just in love with
    sandblasted pipes. 🙂

  19. I do, but I put cut up cigars in them. LOL

  20. I’ve already started making sacrifices in other things to afford more. I
    have a Brebbia on the way.

  21. Very nice collection!

  22. I’ll be very interested to see that video, let me know as soon as it’s
    posted please!

  23. Thank you James! LOL

  24. I love a good blast and I only have a couple. One of these days Ill get a
    Ruthenburg or a Cooke.

  25. It’s a clay pipe!

  26. Thank you! I too love the bulldog pipe. Second only to the Dublin shape.

  27. Nice looking collection, how many years does this collection represent?
    Thanks for the Bolito recommendation, I’m going to do a video soon with the
    new Savinelli 320 I purchased from there. Cheers, Memo

  28. Ever since I was a little boy I have always loved to sit out side on a warm
    summers night and smoke my pipe and watch the world go bye. Thank you for
    reminding me of this.

  29. i love the calabash shape. i ardor them. lol get it

  30. ive been smoking a pipe for a little over a year now at this point and i’m
    thinking about buying a higher end one, i’m smoking a brigham right now. i
    love sandblasted pipes and the next one i get is definatly going to be
    sandblasted, but anyhow any recomendations, i dont want to spend too too
    much but just a solid bargain. love your videos man!

  31. I’d say check out Stanwell, Savinelli, or Peterson. Good to great pipes in
    a decent price range. Even their lower ends are pretty good quality and
    they only get better when you start getting up above the $100 range.

  32. Great collection Kel, I would love to own any or all of thoes pipes. Thanks
    for sharing

  33. Honestly I don’t know, but I hate to imagine. To damn much that’s for sure.
    (but most of these were bought on ebay, many were estates I got very

  34. What type of stem/pipe is that which has a short stem and shank but a
    normal sized bowl? Somewhat similar short stem on your yellowish bulldog in
    the middle? I REALLY wanna find and buy a straight, short stem/shank, poker
    or bulldog, but in this shack of a country I live in, there really is
    nothing I can find in the stores. 🙁

  35. I took a dive into the internet and found out that those pipes I saw were
    customs, Jake Hackert customs. But thanks anyways. Sorry to bother.

  36. absolutely gorgeous collection!

  37. I’m not sure what you mean? Do you mean like my Cavichii Lovat?

  38. Check out my “how to smoke a pipe” series

  39. What is the polished one all the way to the right just above the bottom
    blasted one its kinda bulldog shapped

  40. what is that tiny white one? I WANT THAT!! SUPER BADASS!

  41. Nice collection

  42. very nice video and pipe collection. check my site for my pipe collection

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