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My personal cabinet humidor tour

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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This is a tour and review of the Lemans Cabinet Humidor also called the Barbatus cabinet humidor by Prestige Import Group. I purchased this here:
Included for free with the cabinet humidor were two Cigar Oasis Plus humidification systems:
Lights I purchased for my cabinet humidor:
My desktop humidor is the Waldorf by Prestige Import Group. It is also called the Winston. It was given to me but can be purchased here:
Acrylic jar humidor:
Xikar humifan

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  1. Very Nice humidor & Excellent collection. Was there any reason you decided to go with the Lemans vs an electronic humidor such as the Remington or Redford. Planning to make a purchase soon and just wanted your opinion. Again nice setup.

  2. Screw the humidor, you have quite the collection of cigars!! Very nice stash.

  3. Damn! I got the same one too.

  4. My Friend your humidor is Beautiful very nice,and you take excellent care of your cigars so well.Hope you have many years of enjoyment with it. Just an idea they sell that small light stripes. If you ran some under each shelf or inside length of the door you call change colors or pattern etc.Great video.

  5. From $40 sticks to $1 sticks, nice variety!

  6. Splendid stash you have there. We have the same tastes. You must be the guy always outbidding me on cigar bid. Lol!!

  7. How much was shipping? Scared to even ask lol?

  8. your humidor is goals!! all my favorite cigars are in your humidor!! how do you like the cromagnon and the media noches? those are two i want to try and possibly add to my humidor

  9. Beautiful cabinet, what are you using to manage temperature? Or do you manage to keep your house in the right range. Curious.

  10. Sweet setup. What model of lights are those?

  11. Very nice humidor layout . Good tips in the video as well. Keep up the good work

  12. I'm looking at buying one of these within a few weeks. Were there any issues with it at all?

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