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My New Cigar Humidor: The NewAir CC-100H

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My demo of the NewAir CC-100H Electronic Climate-Controlled Cigar Humidor. This thing can both heat and cool your humidor to between 54 and 74 degrees F.

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  1. Wow! Those are some excellent features. I didn't know humidors came with so many bells and whistles. Cheers!

  2. Larry help, all of my beers seem to have some funky residual sweetness. This includes recipe kits as well as my few attempts at my own recipes. I don’t know if it’s too much caramel malt, not waiting long enough in the bottle, or too much corn sugar for priming

  3. That's quite nice unit you have there, but for some reason, every time I see a cigar it reminds me one of our former president and his use of cigar.

  4. Congratulations, Larry. That's awesome. I need to get one of those…and to begin smoking cigars. lol.

    Looks nice, bud. You'll use the heck out of that.

  5. Interesting idea but it really needs a digital display for humidity and be able to regulate humidity as well or it’s not that much better than your wooden box which is the same one I use as well for my Cubans.

  6. I love cigars but they thrash my IPA taste buds… and I like IPAs more… so no cigars. What's a guy to do?

  7. Niiice man I didnt know you smoke cigars. You should do cigar reviews. Personally I buy large jars, small chunks of cedar, and bovdea packs. This keeps my stogies maintenance free

  8. Nice unit. Don't trust the analog hydrometer they are junk. Get digital and calibrate. Boveda packs are better to control humidity. A dish of water doesn't control humidity it just constantly adds. Enjoy

  9. Smallest fermentation fridge I have seen…

    Keep close tabs on your key when Chad is around… Haha.

  10. Just keep adding stuff your into to increase your collection of free stuff. Lol. I know I would.

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